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Jailbird Assistant - Tiny
NICKNAME: Tiny II Goblin

[Image: 57123882b290fd8fc979cc46654d8153edf2d254.png]

Age: 27
Gender: FEMALE [They/Them] 
Usual occupation: Assistant
They are good at: Cleaning Messes. Plays piano.
They are terrible at: Pretty much anything that involves science.
Backstory: With barely any cash and skills, Tiny often did small crimes to pay up for their smoking habits [Or just because they thought it was funny]. Now joining as a crewmate, they forgot to mention their past misdemeanors to HR and has to evade Security until the next paycheck. Tiny often hangs around in chapels to light up some nice candles. Stealing janitor supplies because they slipped for the tenth time in blood and is sick of it  to help around.
Things you may know about this character: Very quiet type. Outward calm appearance.
Things you may not know about this character: NOT CALM. Nervous Wreck due to securitrons often chasing them. 
Their greatest achievements so far: Used a bath bomb and survived the blast, losing an arm in the process. Farted on 64 times. Stun locked. All in a span of 15 mins.
Rough estimate on times they have been cloned: Never, always slips and falls into space.

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