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SUBJECT NAME: Has Sharp Teeth
Quote(s): "I am going to make you not alive."

Name: Has Sharp Teeth

[Image: JWz1C1u.png]

Theme(s): N/A

Physical Description:
Age: 25
Bloodtype: O+
Build: Thin
Clone Count: 65
Disabilities: Bipolar Disorder
Distinguishing Features: Subject enjoys smoking weed, even when expicitely told not to.
Ethnicity: Subject is more serpentine than most saurians.
Eye color: Red.
Scale color: Orange + Black
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 154 lbs

Personal Information:
Alias: Teeth, Tooth, Has, Scaled Fucker
Birthdate: August 13th, 2028
Birthplace: Space California
Biological Sex: N/A
Gender Identity: N/A
Current Residence: Space California, wherever the hell that is. Subject refuses to disclose further information.
Economic Status: Below average.
Education: High School, kicked out of college.
Habits: Smoking, violence
Hobbies: Smoking, violence
Marital Status: Unknown
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 43%
Occupation: Geneticist
Personality Traits: Rude, but cooperative, especially when pay is involved.
Personality Type: INTP
Previous Occupations: Botanist, janitor
Religion: Lizard Blood Gods
Zodiac: Leo

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Gifts, money, Clem
Likes: Chaos, weed
Dislikes: Cops, water, monkeys
Fears: Waking up in someone else's body, loved ones dying, dying alone drifting in space, being human.
Favourite Drink: Space Cola.
Favourite Animal: Birds.
Favourite Colour: Orange.
Favourite Book: "You're not getting that out of me that easily, you corporate census scum."
Favourite Film: "Which one is the one about the evil robot on the space ship? Also there's monkeys."
Favourite Scent: Blood.
Favourite Food: Organs.
Favourite Plant: Marijuana.
Favourite Chemical: Fliptonium.
Favourite Star: Betelgeuse.
Favourite Celebrity: "Hero worship is unhealthy."
Favourite Gun: "Which one kills people."
Favourite Monkey: "No."
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: The Lounge.
Favourite Restaurant: Space Olive Garden.
Favourite Vacation Destination: Any desert world.

Medical Records: Subject is prone to mood swings and impulsivity, possibly showing signs of bipolar disorder with potential psychosis.


Bio: "Nah. Ask again later."
This report is strictly for Central Command eyes only. Failure to adhere to this warning will result in immediate termination

>Please insert COMMAND ID.

>ID verified. Welcome, Operative Krarak.

SUBJECT NAME: Javier Bernardino
SUBJECT ID: 395023-AF-24

Sir, we've found it! The saurian genetics gene I've been looking for! We're completely overjoyed, the research that can go into this now. Now, I understand Nanotrasen's policy on mutant off-shoot races of humanity, I get that. But trust me, we can really do good work with this! My team and I, if we get more funding we can possibly unlock this for anyone who wants it! What? Of course there are people who want this! Fucking AI, it's reading what I'm typing. Damn NeuNet models.

Anyways, what Dr. Jeksen has proposed is to use DNA injectors to become these saurians. Clearly, this form seems to be hardwired in some humans' DNA. What could this mean? Is this a former species that incorporated itself into humanity, or is it something entirely new, something that was formed by evolutionary happen-stance? The results are exciting!

We're going to be relocating to the Deep Space Observatory 12 now. There's really no sense in waiting around for approval from Central Command on this, it's exciting! Just make sure you let my son know that I might be a while coming back home. I'm sure that Oscar will be fine, he's always fine.

We're at the cusp of the future of humanity! How exciting, to be any form we desire. Isn't that what transhumanism is all about?

-Dr. Bernardino.

That was five years ago.

Dr. Javier Bernardino and his team were never recovered, and all that's left is their prior research into saurian genetics. Unfortunately, it appears that prior to leaving the Deep Space Observatory, Dr. Bernardino has stolen sensitive files relating to Nanotrasen genetic research, as well as all relevant research into their obsession with transhumanism. Our moles within the Syndicate have not been able to locate him and express doubt that he joined the Syndicate, as well as no signs of the rest of his team.

As for now, his son Oscar should be employed as soon as possible. Wherever you can find him, clearly he is the key to finding Dr. Bernardino. Whether he wants to or not, I don't care how much he bites.

-NTSO Krarak.

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