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Faulty Prototype's "model" manual (Unformatted)

[Insert X12B image here]

We are not responsible in any shape or form if your X12B becomes rouge, kills or multitates you and or destroy all your progress, family station, for more information dial 0800-[blurred out] and upon purchasing this product you accept that you take full responsibility for what your X12B does

Step 1:
Setting up your X12B

Firstly you DO NOT WANT TO ACTIVATE X12B - this will activate protocol 87RHG7B (You will read more about this later) Instead you want to get the ID card stuck to the back of this manual to unlock their interface, of which is on their back, then you want to follow the red wires until you get one that crosses a switch called “BERSERK MODE” its name is just a decoy, the actual “BERSERK MODE” is labelled “ACTIVATE” on of which will only work when you scan the attached ID card, flick the BERSERK MODE switch and it will come up with a colour panel, its a 7x7 you want to press the colours in this order from left to right
Black red lime lime lime red black 
Blue blue blue lime blue blue
Yellow red red red purple
Red yellow purple yellow red
Then your X12B will be set up and ready for assignment
Step 2:
Assigning your X12B

Once your X12B is set up it will have a 1 minute “power down” mode, during this time you want to provide either; Your retina scan, Fingerprint or DNA after that your X12B will recognise your body, but keep in mind that if you look different your X12B will not recognise you, after you have done that X12B will immediately boot up, it does not matter how much time it has left in its “power down” sequence, if you are reading this after it is booted up, you are still alive, well done your X12B should say “Booted up, How may I help you?”
There was a USB also stuck on the ID card, take that and insert it in the back of X12B’s “face” then this will allow you to put in minor sentience, this will allow X12B to recognise more commands

Note: X12B does not have storage space in a way because its unlimited
Step 3:
Using X12B

X12B has multiple commands it recognises with or without sentience, they are; Patrol Bodyguard Attack, as you know X12B is an assault model, Patrol will allow you to configure a map that X12B will automatically open up after you tour them around the entire building, Bodyguard will allow you to select anyone with a valid scan within X12B, Attack is used for destroying buildings / civilisations, X12B is extremely effective at doing this, we take no liability for what X12B does, as upon purchasing this product you become liable for what it does, X12B does have hands, but can also use an array of built in tools from the omnitool to a top of the line class V assault rifle, this allows it to puncture any airlock or door it finds and get through it, its extremely durable and has an unlimited amount of charge (well it has a limited amount but the capacity and self recharge rate eliminates the threat of your X12B running out.)
Step 4:
This step is optional

X12B has a built in self destruct sequence of which it automatically uses if its about to “die” it has the power of a nuke and releases a singularity, you can disable this, if you open X12B’s maintenance panel you can see a small screw, punch it, as its not a real screw put a pressure detector, which is set up with the DNA that you put into X12B as it has a forensics scanner as well, then it will ask for a code, respond with Grammerus Zeta Yutanus, RESPOND IN THAT ORDER, if you said it in a different order, you may have just killed yourself, thats all for step 4, protocols are the final page


This is the most crucial page after Steps 1 2 and 3, as it contains some of the protocols that X12B can follow, 87RHG7B is a eliminate all intruders at all costs, this may also mean your life is taken in the process, 91YADD12 is to self destruct, this overrides what you did in step 4, 67QWFD124 is to become undercover within an enemy ship and destroy it from within, stealthily if X12B gets discovered it will shoot all enemy personnel whilst detonating anything and everything

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