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[MERGED PR] Toggles Antag rolls for Captains on the RP Servers off
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About the PR
Removes the ability for Captains on the RP Servers to roll antagonist roles **EXCEPT** for conspirator.

Why's this needed?
Requested by people repeatedly from time-to-time for RP specifically with concerns over balance and the way the role was used in rounds; also provides an additional trustworthy and sort of "meta-reliable" Command role as the in-game leader of the station that has potential to help coordinate and improve overall interactions and events during RP rounds. Leaves conspirator as a potential antagonist roll since conspirator goals are relatively mild compared to other gamemodes and often shake out to be more fun with better coordination and access to materials to pull off the gimmick. This PR comes after some discussion on the Forum and in Discord from about a month ago.

(*)Captains on the RP servers can now only roll conspirator as a potential antagonist type.

Quick bump with the OG thread:
I didn't even know RP servers HAD antags turned on at all.
Yeah, they've been on for a while.

Mostly a little bit after the Sseth tide brought in new players, when people stopped self-antagging.
Absolutely agree, Captain and HoP traitors are absolutely OP on RP, I'd suggest adding HoP too since they're just a Captain with extra steps.
This seems like a good change to me!
This is a good change.
Yup I like this for sure
Antag captains are much more frequently terrible than they are good. I am for this, big time.
Dealing with shitty captains is already bad enough, so being able to confidently AHelp powertripping captains is absolutely a good thing for me; I'd be genuinely upset if this were reverted without some extremely good reason.
Support this change, doesn't make much sense that the highest ranking member aboard the station both militarily and in civilian circumstances would just show up as a traitor (the captain literally gets a gold fucking toilet but traitor wise is basically an expendable). As a conspirator though that's entirely different.
(01-31-2021, 07:05 AM)arcticmog Wrote: As a conspirator though that's entirely different.

That's actually a really good distinction for antag status

A traitor I think in most circumstance will be someone that was recruited by a hostile party

A conspirator is someone that might have a more personal agenda. Like they were conspiring for power or profit. That seems more along the lines corruption, a crime that is more likely at a higher level in the administration.

A Conspirator Captain is the kinda person who would use an unknowing traitor as a pawn to further their conspiracy

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