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Nanotrasen Crewmember Service Record : Jessie Rose
Images : 

"Ywelcome / It's better if you stay yourself than being someone else. / Killing someone is like taking candy from a child"

Jessie "Kira" "Isabella" Rose

NT Service Record Bio:

             Jessie Rose is a recommended recruit by a company, which preferred to be anonymous in, and suspiciously provided the personal and physical information of her. As suggested by the said company, Jessie Rose is believed to have dramatically high adaptability, "robust" combat capabilities and above average loyalty index. One was proven when she was assigned as a Medical Doctor of Plasma Research 108 on her first shift. She shows complete confusion but still manage to provide medical attention and first aid at approximately 30% proficiency to injured staff members. At her 5th shift, she shows 100% proficiency and then 70% in other departments after her 12th shift.

            To test her combat capabilities, Jessie Rose was assigned to the Security department after her 8th shift. Her performance is shown to be questionable, such as napping during the shift, playing chess with Monsieur Stirstir, the high infamy criminal and valuable source of information, and et cetera of action. But live action has proven her to be strict and combat capable, but naive and hesitant while carrying her duties and arresting convicts. She's also recorded to have managed to encountered and bested a [Redacted] lifeform singlehandedly, she fails to brig them and leaving the lifeform to be apprehended and jailed by her co-workers. She is also shown to have decent experience in martial arts, kendo and podfighting skills.

              Upon assignment to a command position, Jessie Rose shows professionalism or at least a show of professionalism in her work, but rarely relays orders to her subordinates. Overview of her work as a command staff proves her to be overwhelmed by position of command. The worse is when she's assigned to fill in the Captain position of a station, dealing her high amounts of stress in the line of work. Recommendations are to assign her to departments in critical needs or of upmost importance as to maximize her capabilities but to regulate in changing her position. But recent shifts has shown her to slowly become a liability.

Personal Bio:

                Jessie Rose is an orphan adopted at the age of 3 months by an unmarried bartender, Jonathan Anders, and owner of Space Bee, the bar in Seattle, Washington, US. Since childhood to graduation, Jessie Rose has shown to be a pushover and her records of delinquency is mostly from her being invited by other students or delinquents. She never shown to refuse anyone except when her father or teachers preemptively ordered her not to. She is shown to have an above average grades and Athletic record. It was never clear what her compassion is for.

                After graduation, Jessie immediately signed up into Nanotrasen Space Station 13 Program, whilst motives unclear. Her father immediately follows suit, abandoning the Space Bee, and joined NT. At first, she shows complete confusion of the multiple NT stations and ships layouts and NT's state of operation but managed to adapt after a few shifts. In addition, she managed to befriend the varying crewmembers aboard and creating a circle of friendly familiar faces, ranging from a warmonger crewmember to a honorable Head of Security. Being somewhat neutral-chaotic or neutral-lawful, people are least likely to think her dangerous, but those who's close to her knows what she would and could do. 

Personality summary:

            At first few shift, she is shown to be aloof and shy, doing her own thing at times. But recent shifts shows her to still do her own things, but with slightly more interaction with her crewmembers. She's responsible in performing her duties and enjoys doing what she'd consider fun or satisfies her curiosity, yet within a boundary either made by her superior or herself. She is friendly and most of the time harmless but can make lots of remarks most of the time, or rarely funny smart remarks. In her free time, she enjoys working on Space Pods, playing in VR, gambling and possibly anything fun within her department.

Physical Description:
Age: 23
Bloodtype: A+
Build: Slender and Athletic
Clone Count: Approximately 13
Disabilities: Both arms replaced with prosthetic cybernetic arms
Distinguishing Features: Her right white bang and black long hair
Ethnicity: Asian-Caucasian
Eye color: Dark Brown (White in-game to make spotting eyes easier)
Hair color: Black and white-dyed bangs
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110lbs

Personal Information:
Alias:  Jessie/Jesssssssie/Lass/Jess/Jesssssssssie Friend
Birthdate: Unknown, but presumed to be 31st October
Birthplace: Unknown
Biological Sex: [Requested Redacted]
Gender Identity: She/Her
Current Residence: Centcom-made Space Bee
Economic Status: Average
Education:  PhD and Engineering degree
Habits: Will do basically anything considered fun, unless stopped by a superior
Hobbies: Pod engineering, gambling, VR videogaming(Mainly murder box and gauntlet)
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 65%
Personality : Introverted, Friendly, Loyal, Serious(Critical jobs), Laid back(Less-critical jobs), Polite
Personality Type: EITP
Zodiac: Presumed Scorpio

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Her father, Jonathan Anders. Her superiors. Basically anyone more experienced and skilled than her.
Likes:  Podfighting. Sweet drinks. Spicy food. Boxing, Kendo Fights, Pod(Including deadly) Fights.
Half-likes : Cal Mooberly
Dislikes: Being assigned a Head's position, especially the Captain position, but excluding the Head of Personnel position.
Half-Dislikes : Cal Mooberly.
Family : Irona Rose, Younger Brother. Ibis Rose, Younger Sister. Jonathan Anders, Father Figure.
Fears: Apotempnophobia(Fear of losing limbs). Clownfishes.
Favourite Drink: Cherry Juice, Triple Citrus, Sweet Tea, Hot chocolate
Favourite Animal: Bats like Dr. Acula. Bees. Penguins
Favourite Colour: Green, red and blue
Favourite Book: Trial of Heisenbee, Albert and the Deep Blue Sea
Favourite Film: Mobile Suit Gundam Double 000 the movie, Gurrendan Lagann and Tengen Toppa Ginga Gurrendan Lagann
Favourite Scent: Smelling salts, Roses, Lavender
Favourite Food: Spicy food, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, Discount Dan's macaroni and cheese flavoured self-microwaving meals
Favourite Plant: 2nd stage Peeker Plant, Roses, Robust Asomna, Invigorating Ipecacuanha
Favourite Chemical: METH- Methamphetamine and Cat Drugs
Favourite Gun: Revolvers, Wavegun, Shotguns, [Redacted]
Favourite Monkey: Monsieur Stirstir
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: A random asteroid off-station/z-level, Owlery, Aviatry, [Redacted] space ship
Favourite Restaurant: Space/Sea Diner
Favourite Vacation Destination: Alki Beach, Seattle, Washington, US.
Things you may know about them : She's either very chill, very straightforward, very proper or somewhere mix of the three.
Things you may not know about them : Where she goes or what she's doing when you don't see her.

Medical Records:
Both arms are replaced with prosthetic cyber arms. If cloned, do not remind of her lack of cybernetic arms or perform prosthetic surgery on her arms immediately before realization.

Security Records:
Subject is very unlikely to disobey orders, unless in certain circumstances.

Nanotrasen Space Station 13, Jessie Rose's recruitment interview log-06-09-2052 :

Playing Log

Interviewer : Jessie Kira Isabella Rose?

Jessie Rose : I have middle names?

Interviewer : Your info says so.

Jessie Rose : My Info? I'm pretty sure I didn't put any middle names into any of the documents I sent you.

Interviewer : You didn't, but the documents you sent were incomplete. Fortunately, we managed to obtain more accurate information and record of you.

Jessie Rose : Mind if I ask how?

Interviewer : Classified. Remember, you're not to ask, but be asked.

Jessie Rose : I'll assume then.

Interviewer : Keep your assumptions to yourself.

Jessie Rose : Aye aye.

Interviewer : Hmmm....

(Sounds of papers shuffling coming from the interviewer)

Jessie Rose : So...?

Interviewer : You know you're in an interview, aren't you?

Jessie Rose : Yes, I am.

Interviewer : For the most prosperous and scientifically advanced company, Nanotrasen?

Jessie Rose : Yes, I am.

Interviewer : Are you not nervous?

Jessie Rose : Want me to be nervous?

Interviewer : Uhm... No?

(Slow shuffling of papers can be heard again coming from the interviewer)

Interviewer : Here's a question. From a third party view, you're claimed to be very adaptive, efficient, loyal and skilled in medical category while decent in other categories. Is this true?

Jessie Rose : Medical yes, but others?

Interviewer : .... I see.

Jessie Rose : So someone is watching me?

Interviewer : That is classified. But know that this "someone" is helping you with your chance of getting recruited into this program.

Jessie Rose : Very well, I guess. Does this mean I'm barely going to answer any questions?

Interviewer : Probably. But don't think you'll pass with flying colors.

Jessie Rose : ...

(More sounds of papers shuffling again and silent)

Interviewer : ....

Jessie Rose : ....

Interviewer : Suspicious, isn't it?

Jessie Rose : If I say no, I'd lie.

Interviewer : While this third party vouching for you is helping with your chance of being recruited, it's also making your recruitment as much as suspicious.

Jessie Rose : I see.

Interviewer : .....

Jessie Rose : .....

Interviewer : Do you know who's vouching and providing this info for you?

Jessie Rose : Does it look like I do?

Interviewer : Exactly. This is way too suspicious, you've been vouched by someone that you never knew about, you've never worked with them, met them, talked with them, anything. And you've only answered 2 to 3 questions so far. You might pass perfectly, but not without our own eyes being put on you.

Jessie Rose : ...

Interviewer : I'm not even sure if you're safe to be recruited. Maybe I should call Ce-nt--al C----mmand-


Jessie Rose : G- ah--d, - --- w-it


Interviewer : Y-s, s-- but she -- v--- sus---ci-- .... But si-


Interviewer : -es -ir. *Sounds of a phone clicking closed can be faintly heard through the static*

Interviewer : C--g---------, y--'re h-i--d-

Jessie Rose : Sw--et-

Interviewer : Th-- con---lu--d-e-- --ur ---v-v-iew. Si-n h-r- a-d ---------

*Static clears out a few seconds later*

Interviewer : Welcome to Nanotrasen.

Jessie Rose : It's a pleasure.

End of log
I like Jessie, AND she's a great Security Assistant.

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