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[MERGED PR] Makes blob temperature damage scale based on hotspot volume
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About the PR
Currently temperature damage done to blobs scales only with the temperature of the hotspot (fire). But some hotspots have more volume and some less. This PR makes it so a full tile hotspot (for example the one from a plasma fire) will do normal damage but smaller hotspots will do less damage. For example this makes it so RCD sparks deal only about 1/15th of maximum health to a blob tile instead of instakilling it (multitool special attack too probably). Flamethrowers don't seem to be affected much but I haven't tested thoroughly.

I feel like this PR might require changing of the base temperature resist of a blob but who knows.

Why's this needed?
It's silly that RCD sparks multitool special attack can just annihilate blob currently. Scaling with volume makes sense.


(*)Blob temperature damage rebalanced a bit. Sources which create "smaller" hot areas are likely less effective.

I've done basic testing locally but I'd welcome any blob enthusiasts that'd test these changes on a local server and report what they think. You can spawn the /mob/living/intangible/blob_overmind/ai/start_here mob to create an AI blob for testing.

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