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Luck Népal
(( )) Is OOC.

Heavily inspired by adhara's template.

// NanoTrasen personnel only - NT Profiler Galaad [REDACTED]'s report on Luck Népal //

Information collected prior to the interrogation will be marked by the following symbol : .
Information collected following the interrogation will be marked by the following symbol : ..
Information will be displayed in the following sequence : Question : Redacted answer. - "Subject's answer." - Profiler's note


[Image: 6K9Exbo.png]

Name: Luck RIP Népal

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION////////////////////////////////////////////////////

..Age:  24 - "I'm not sure." - Assessed biologically.
..Bloodtype: A+ - "I don't know it."
Build: Slender and athletic. - Input unrequired.
Clone Count: Unknown. - "I'd give myself a 70 % survival rate, give or take."
..Disabilities: None. - "I don't have any."
Distinguishing Features: An eye covered by her bangs. Will most likely be in a swimsuit under her labcoat, or her EVA suit.
Ethnicity : TBD - "Maint kid."
Eye color: Black. - Input unrequired.
Hair color: White. - Input unrequired.
..Height: 1m80 / 5'9  - "1m80."                 
..Weight: 78 Kg / 160 lbs  - "76 Kg last time I checked."                  

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////PERSONAL INFORMATION///////////////////////////////////////////////////

Alias: Remains to be attributed. - "I don't have any. Yet."
Birthdate: Unknown. - "24 Years ago I guess ?"
Birthplace: Unknown - "Some maintenance passage probably."
..Biological Sex: Female. - "Really ?"
Gender Identity: Female. -"Female."
.Current Residence: A modest individual residence-ship financed by NT. - "It's more of a barge, really. Kinda cramped too." - Input unrequired but Luck saw my notes and wanted this observation to be noted down.

.Economic Status: Under NanoTrasen tutelle. - Input unrequired.
Education: Above average. - "Depends what it's about."
..Hobbies: Watching her TTVs explode on the same simulation for hours. - "I uh... I like to pet cats yes."
Marital Status: Single. - "Why would I need someone else ?"
.Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: In debt to NT. - "I owe NT pretty much everything I have now. Doesn't mean I agree with their agenda" - NT Stiiiiiil demands that we ask that question. I mean how many zeros does the technoprofiler's error margins have ?

..Personality Traits: Composed. Friendly. Melancolic tendancies. Luck shows signs of paranoïa when left alone in maintenance surfaces.
..Personality Type: ENFP-T - "What's that ?"  ((Not really, but it's mine so i figured i'd just put it here). (Use this website to take the mbti test ! . They are the most proffesionnal website for it.))

.Occupation: Embarqued scientist. Field scientist. Bartender. - "I like to tend to the bar when i'm not busy vaporazing the station."
Previous Occupations: None. - "None. Unless you think making shitty pipebombs in a dirty maintenance squat is a noteworthy occupation."
Religion: None. - "I'm guessing theres something out there that precedes Us, but i'm not too big on the word religion so I'll just say none."
Zodiac: Unknown. - "Isn't your zodiac sign related to your birthdate ?"

//////////////////////////////////////////////////SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION////////////////////////////////////////////////

Admires: None. - "I'm not exactly acquinted with any of the crew yet."
Likes: Varied. - "Explosions, combustions, oxygen-plasma bombs, pipebombs, chembombs, the wind, my few friends, my place, exercising, footings across the station."
Dislikes: Varied. - "Theres no wind, and no explosions in the void of space. I also hate forms. Last time a QM asked for a form, I blockaded their entire feed."
Fears: Being left alone in maintenance surfaces. - "Being left alone in maint passages." - Most likely related to her childhood.
Favourite Drink: Goat millk. - "Goat milk. What ? What's up ?" - What ?
Favourite Animal: [REDACTED] - "That cute spider that makes heart melting noises when we pet it ! My god I love it so much." - Me too.
Favourite Colour: Red. - "Red."
Favourite Book: Ficciones (Jorge Luis Borges) - "Ficciones by Borges. It's an old earth book. Probably no more physical copies."
Favourite Film: None. - "I don't watch movies that much."
Favourite Scent: None. - "Napalm in the morning."
Favourite Food: Roquefort cheese. - "That ugly ass french moldy cheese. Hmmmmmmmm." - Relatable.
Favourite Plant: None. - "I don't see hydroponics much."
Favourite Chemical: Nitroglycerin. - "Nitro." - Figures.
Favourite Star: - None. - "[REDACTED]"
Favourite Celebrity: None. - "I don't like famous people."
Favourite Gun: Mac 11. - "Mac 11. BBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR."
Favourite Monkey: None. - "Definitely not the ones I use on my real life tests."
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: Caffeteria area. Hallways.  - "The bar I guess. I also like just strolling around."
Favourite Restaurant: None. - "WUBB[REDACTED]"
Favourite Vacation Destination: Atmospheric planets. - "I hope I can get back to [REDACTED] one day. I like wind. It sets everything in motion."

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////MEDICAL RECORDS//////////////////////////////////////////////////////


///////////////////////////////////////////////////////SECURITY RECORDS///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bomb making experience. NanoTrassen possible asset.


        It was [REDACTED] that gave subject the name of Luck Népal. Luck is a reference to [REDACTED]'s first name. Népal is the name of his favorite artist. French rapper Népal. Long deceased at the time of this interrogation. Luck Népal was most likely born in a maintenance surface ghetto, specific to super-stations. Luck has no recollection of her far past. Our Mk.5 Technoprofiler, as well as our investigators have not been able to gather information. Luck claims her farthest memories date to two (2) years before her first contact with RD [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] met her in a maintenance surface seven (7) years ago. [REDACTED] claims she was in the process of finalizing a high quality pipebomb. Further investigations, revealed that she was in fact the maker of said pipebomb. There had been reports of various explosions occuring in abandonned areas of the super-station [REDACTED] was on at the time. It was decided that Luck would be hauled back to the nearest NanoTrasen asset for extraction. She has since received a basic education. Luck Népal was given her own indiviual residence-ship when she reached eighteen (18) years of age. She has since been protected by NanoTrasen, in return for her collaboration on the developement of new and improved explosive devices. She also received special combat training at age twenty-one (21), when fears of Syndicate agents capturing her arose.

(She's loosely based off of Ritsuko from Evangelion and Nävis from Wake.)

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