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Some extra Honey lore ;p
Honey Checkers is a NanoTrasen project.
Honey, is a blood cloned version of Bee Checkers with modified code.
NanoTrasen raised Honey to be(e) a ruthless, un-hesitant spy. She was deployed to a syndicate operative team with no memories of her past association to NT. The reasons of employment, was to snuff out possibly anything useful for NanoTrasen(Of course she would not consciously know she was doing this). On a mission called Dell-601, Honey and her Syndicate crew were sent to a unknown station that they decided to call 'Gloom'. The moment Honey stepped foot in there, it had been like walking into a grave yard. There was gore in every inch of the tile, walls, and holes. All crewmates were dead, they searched Gloom and found a room full of cyro-tanks. Honey went over all the labels, reading the names they had on them: Julian Prouse, Hector Lee, Bee Checkers, Honey Checkers- "Wait," Honey muttered "It's my name?". She felt a flock of memories come flying in, memories she didn't know she had. All this information made the words double in her mind, "WHAT!" said Marcos, whom was a very tall and gentle man-despite the ties to the syndicate that is. Honey had taken a real liking to him. Honey tried to reply but the cords in her neck started to bulge and thicken. There was a physical and mental struggle that was visibly happening. NanoTrasen She bit her tongue and said "I-I d-dont kn-know about this i swear!". Of course Marina (another operative) saw this new found stutter a nervous and last bit defense system. "Nano scum!", Marina was the first to raise her weapon. Honey was quicker. She shot out the APC and the lights went out. The following moments that were to happen, would destroy Honey's ability to ever truly love and care for someone, but it brought out another ability she never had. She could finally, finally remember everything. From Marcos to Marina, Honey killed them all. She murdered her friends enemies, in a last ditch effort to keep herself alive. She spent 15 months with them and they were gone in a SNAP! Honey gathered composure and screamed in agony as this was just all to fast to take in. She searched every file on Gloom and discovered a 'blood relative'. The name was Bee Checkers, Honey needed to get answers and maybe this was her only TRUE friend. She was just ready to take off when, "Three, you can go home now." The voice sounded distant, like it was in her mind. "Wh-WHO ar-ar-ARE YOU!", she waved her blaster to every inch of the room. "Its time for sleep Three, initiate full memory recovery sequence." Honey uttered a painful cry and slowly started to drift into unconsciousness. What what is happening happening. Help Help. Darkness followed soon.
- From this moment on Honey was brain wiped and reunited with her genetic relative, Bee. Honey was put on NT shifts for further watching and care. The rest of this story is up to you. These might be simple game rounds but now I will try and make it a story. Editor Note: haha its the creator of kyler and honey here. What did you think? I made a little short demo story/lore to make you understand Honey Checkers more. I wouldn't mind writing out some SS13 tales if asked too, maybe I could write a whole little mock up of Honey's story? I don't know, tell me what you think. I love you all dearly for having these distant human interactions on SS13, regardless of the farts. This has been more than a little game, its been an escape. Thanks to NapsWasTaken for letting me mooch off her character Bee, so i can create Honey and a lovely little story. If anyone would want me to do some stories for their characters, I WOULD LOVE TOO! haha, have a good day/night goons.  

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