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[PR] Make NTSO only available if a HoS has joined the round
Maybe if players are doing wrong with the whitelisted job, you should take care of those players first instead of ruining everyone's experience and not solving the problem at its actual core.

Those players are still going into HoS or NTSO to do the same thing. And honestly, you'd expect better from a player that's explicitly whitelisted into such a job, right?

If actual HoS whitelisted people are abusing the role as a "valid hunter", then they don't deserve being a HoS in my opinion, they should know better.
ZeWaka merged this about an hour or so ago. Title is pretty self-explantory. He prefaced it with something very important:
Quote:Can always revert if this doesn't work out.
It applies to most changes, but here more so since the change is rather contested. If things improve, hey, that's good. If things don't improve, well, that's unfortunate, but at least the damage can be stopped by reverting it and/or going with a different idea. This isn't exactly set in stone, after all.

Personally, I have no strong feelings surrounding this idea and was pretty uninvolved in the discussions surrounding the idea, so I'm not really the person to go to if you want to get answers or give positive or negative criticism. Most I can say is that I think the point of this PR was to refine the role's purpose, and I feel a little sad a lot of the conversation was about whether this change would reduce bad NTSO behavior, which I consider more a potential side effect. (I do think the concerns about losing a laidback sec role were relevant though.)

Leaving thread open for a while for feedback.
I see nothing wrong with this PR. I think the big issue in this thread was mostly on the usefulness of NTSO overall but yeah as far as the PR goes it's fine I think.
I think the NT-SO as a roll could use a proper re-imagining from the boots up. Id suggest that we brainstorm some new ideas for how they might behave (Emergency Response vs Big Detective vs Extra Slot w/ Blue vs Peacekeeper)

I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of removing mentor Fridays. On one hand I know for a fact that I've taken NTSO and gone wild with the magazines myself, along with the splitting of Mentor and HoS applications being because Mentor and HoS as a role are by nature fairly different, requiring different skills and mindsets to perform. On the other hand however I think that by having an HoS role available on Friday it allows mentors to practice the skills required to become an HoS and with the reworking of NT-SO being the big topic of the day I think that it'd be a bit hasty to make large changes without waiting to see if it's needed first.

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