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Lights The Candles
Quote(s): "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned.  Take it from me, I've done it many times!"

Name: Lights The Candles


Theme(s): During Investigation -

Physical Description: Lights The Candles is a Saurian of lean figure, her body one conditioned from a life of high energy movement and a desire to be something so much more than she was.  In her youth she was a scavenger and a thief: and became quite skilled at eluding the law and getting into places she shouldn't.  As a result, she has a physique that has little fat: her arms and legs have a toned definition to them and she actively sees to keep her body in a good shape.  She rarely tends to sit in one place.  She has a wider set of hips befitting her stature, which helps round out her physique.  She isn't afraid of bumping someone with them.

There are distinct spots on parts of her body where her scales have healed in an irregular fashion due to her accidentally immolating herself in an attempt to set a rather grand fire during a unpleasant spot in her life.  They have a swirling pattern, and are speckled with hints of black scale.  They are bumpy in comparison to the sleek scale of the rest of her body.

Her tail is where most of the fat on her body is, essentially acting as a main reserve of energy similar to that of a Tegu or Gecko.  She however is not capable of autotomy.  This results in it being wider at the base, ending in a very fine whip like tip.  She will strike someone with her tail if they are being, as she would call, a "dink".

Age: 27

Bloodtype: O

Build: Lithe.  Lights The Candles has a distinct slim yet athletic physique, due to an aggressive attempt at trying to not eat meat.  She fails this easily.

Clone Count: 0.  She is fresh as a spring chicken: for better or worse.

Disabilities: Lights The Candles is completely blind, and suffers from pyromaniacal tendencies that are aggravated due to stress.  Her low light vision is horrible due to her visor: which results in rapidly increasing nyctophobia.

Lights The Candles can not feel her finger tips due to many small burns in the past.

She has rather poor long term memory caused due to stress.  She has forgotten a number of things: up to and including her own birth date.  She doesn't think much of the concept regardless.

Distinguishing Features: Lights The Candles is obsessed with her personal cleanliness, and "exfoliates her scales at least once a day".  She feels silky.

Her tail is a touch longer than normal: and she's not afraid to use it to trip people.

Ethnicity: Saurian

Eye color: White

Hair color: N/A

Height: 5' 1".  She is a touch short.

Weight: 117 pounds

Personal Information:
Alias: Lights The Candles

Birthdate: She doesn't recall the year she was born.

Birthplace: She doesn't remember it very well, but she remembers that it was very lush and green.  She misses it and regrets fleeing home.

Biological Sex: Female.

Gender Identity: Female.

Current Residence: She tends to prefer to stay in an off-station sort of apartment complex.  She deeply dislikes it due to how cramped it is.

Economic Status: Below average.

Education: Due to her background in criminal activity, Lights The Candles is a semi-competent thief: she is capable of worming her way around and getting into things if given enough time and with the proper tools.  She has a basic understanding of how medical applications work (Mostly due to treating her own injuries), and is just now beginning to understand how to operate certain terminals.

Her skill in sanitation comes from her desire to keep a extremely clean environment: as a result she is a rather competent cleaner in terms of biological contaminants or gross things in general.  She has attempted to apply this to her recent motivation into springing into Detective work: knowing that in a rush people tend to not clean up the smallest of things.

Due to her childhood however, she struggles with complicated math: and she has a few issues involving people skills.

Habits: She is incapable of telling a lie, and will actively bite her tongue when trying to do so.  It is a psychological thing (That can be defeated through certain means...).

She will burn papers when stressed.

She will eat salty meat products when stressed.

It isn't uncommon for her to stick her tongue out at someone if she is joking with them.

She always has a candle on her person.  This has it's issues.

Hobbies: Cleaning, cooking, enjoying a nice lit fire, snuggling up to a pillow in a heavy blanket beside said lit fire, harmless pranks, and pyrotechnics.

She has recently been studying hard to better appreciate firearms, and understand Space Law: a hint of a difficult process for her.  Most of her other minor hobbies include dabbling with drawing and painting: though she has her own share of issues with it.

Marital Status: Single. 

Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 80%.  Lights The Candles feels that being part of Nanotrasen gives her life structure and meaning: she didn't enjoy having to commit petty theft to get her way along before.

Occupation: She is currently studying hard to understand the ways of detective work, though her primary job tends to be salvage: particularly scrap salvage.

Personality Traits: Lights The Candles is easily distracted, and suffers from stress very easily.  She is almost wound like a clock at all times that is ready to go off: resulting in her trying to joke and fool around to hide her uptight nature.  This nature easily slips out when she becomes angry at something or someone.

She is happy go lucky, and tends to come across as someone who is overly excitable and nice.  When she is sad she becomes very quiet and untalkative.  When angry, her tail will swish and she will tend to bare her teeth!

She is known to give the occasional bite to someone she likes in a playful manner.  This could be a problem: as she's known to bite when in a physical altercation and sufficiently angry enough!

As stated before, she has a history of pyromania.  She enjoys the sight of a roaring flame, as it relaxes her (And is quite warm).  She won't actively light such blazes herself...  But if she gets too freaked out...

Personality Type: ENFP

Previous Occupations: Street Rat, Petty Thief, Scavenger, Salvager

Religion: She has a loose concept on religion.

Zodiac: Virgo

Supplementary Information:

Admires: People with big hearts, those who are kind and easy to get along with, things that are difficult to perceive, and things of great value.

Likes: Scented candles, right flames, well lit places, friendly people who are easy to talk to, head pats, being engaged, those who can take a joke, those who are willing to co-operate with her on a whim.  She adores sweet foods, and is incredibly fond of fruit.  She has a large amount of likes, but...

Dislikes: People who are cruel, people who intentionally annoy others, those who are negligent in their duties, those who are lazy, and the smell of blood.  She greatly detests areas that are cold, and is sensitive about the burn marks on her body.

Fears: Lights The Candles has an intense fear of the dark that progressively gets worse the longer she is in it.  Due to her visor rendering poorly in low light, it is the equivalent of wandering through a haze: she isn't completely helpless but it makes any sort of thing where she has to be assertive nearly impossible.  If she is in the dark for far too long without adequate light (Even a simple flashlight isn't enough...) she will begin to set fires in an attempt to light the area around her.  The best way to avoid this is to distract her, or to help her not feel alone.

She doesn't frequently make friends due to her mobile life style.  Losing friends is something that she tries to avoid.  Being betrayed by one is like a knife to the heart.

She does not like spiders, and will react in a swift attempt to destroy them.  If she lacks a potential method, expect a lot of frantic screaming.

Favourite Drink: Royalle Clowne Cola: Now With Extra Sweetener!
Favourite Animal: Peruvian Space Poodle Moth
Favourite Colour: Black: as it absorbs heat.
Favourite Book: She doesn't have a favorite!
Favourite Film: She has a hard time watching films, as her visor doesn't enjoy looking at screens.
Favourite Scent: Anything fragrant like fruits.
Favourite Food: Pomegranates crossed with Dragonfruits - She wishes for something with tasty seeds and a heavy sweet flesh taste.
Favourite Gun: She has a deep enjoyment of revolvers.

Security Records:
It would be known that she has a history of pyromania and theft: but given how loose NT is...

Lights The Candles had a very simple and quiet childhood as an only child, with a busy father and mother.  With her left to her own devices, she had a tendency to get in trouble: with both her teachers and on one occasion the law.  While her father and mother couldn't keep easy tabs on her, her desire for delinquency resulted in her fleeing into the city as a teenager: where she would become lost.

Street life didn't quite take too well to her, and she fell into criminal activity.  Theft and co-operation with gangs resulted in her learning a good deal about the seedy underworld there, and she had learned that arson was a very distinct way of threatening someone into paying protection money.  As others learned: she was quite good at starting a flame but not so good at getting away from it.  An attempt to burn down an apartment complex when she was but seventeen resulted in her being caught in the flames.

While she managed to be rescued and dragged away by her fellow members, she had been burnt quite badly: while they were able to help restore her to working condition her eyesight eventually dwindled away due to significant damage and smoke exposure.  She had her eyes replaced with artificial ones, and opted to utilize a visor (Which interlinks through them) to restore her vision.  Her choice at not getting proper functioning implants comes from a fear of how they may act.

After this, she cleaned up her act as best as she could: mostly by starting out as a scavenger of useful trinkets or scrap.  She learned the limitations of her visor: and used her savings to help nurture her damaged body into her current one today, though she still deeply regrets what she did that day.  She feels that she should have never left home: but she also feels that her mistakes have built her to be a very different kind of person.

Now that she is part of NT's relatively disposable reasonable staff, she wants to become a much better person than she use to be.

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