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CaptainBravo, Main1 1/13 - Permabanned me with no PM's, refused to read my appeal
I'm worried this will be taken as a separate unban appeal but I mean the whole nature of this ban and the response to the appeal is why I'm posting this so take that for what you will.

So without rehashing the entire unban appeal, here it is for reference:

My problem is, that someone took away my privileges of playing a game I love without even talking to me about it, and outright refusing me any opportunity to plead my case. I know there are some cases where that's warranted, but this definitely didn't feel like one of them.

I wouldn't have made this thread if he actually read the appeal and said the equivalent of "After reading your appeal and deliberating the merit of your arguments, I've decided you should stay perm'd and appeal in a month" but he basically just gave me the finger and said to not appeal until a month later, meaning there's only a possibility i'd get unbanned in a month if/when I appealed it.

[OPINION] All i'm saying is, maybe lighten up a bit? [/OPINION]

I'd be fine taking a few weeks ban, plus a permanent job ban from everything except staff assistant and go back to just figuring out songs on the player piano or something far less likely to get me in trouble. But why ban me forever over this? And not even hear my arguments? I'm not one of the bone-headed people deliberately breaking rules or shouting slurs/sexual content, picking fights with admins etc... I did something bad by playing the game itself. 

I'm posting this thread because If he won't look at my appeal maybe someone else will. Would also like to hear the thoughts of the admin who originally made that note in regards to the shuttle bombs. Do I deserve to be perma'd like this?
Per the appeal rules (, do not appeal permanent bans less than a month after they were issued unless the ban reason explicitly says otherwise.

Thank you.

Different admins have different styles. Depending on the admin, the severity of what was done, and your past history, you are not owed any warnings, conversation, or escalation. In this case, your notes made it clear that the warnings and lesser punishments issued by other admins weren't working, and so a permanent ban was applied. This is an example of the system at work.

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