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Samuel Crook (Wubbo's diner patriot)
Name: Samuel Crook

No image frown

Physical Description:
Age: 49
Bloodtype: O-
Build: Average height & a little tall
Clone Count: No clone count recorded.
Disabilities: None
Distinguishing Features: Swears a lot, take off his hat ands says G'day
Ethnicity: Crook
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown
Height: 5'93
Unique Traits: N/A
Weight: 134 pounds

Personal Information:
Alias: Sam, Sammy.
Birthplace:[REDACTED], Holland
Biological Sex: Male
Gender Identity: He/Him
Current Residence: Wubbo's diner bathroom
Economic Status: [REDACTED]
Education: [REDACTED]
Habits: Calm.
Hobbies: Shooting
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: Almost never seen without his NT berret.
Occupation: [REDACTED]
Previous Occupations: Worker at [REDACTED] (dad's company).

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Himself | HoP's note: egoistic bastard
Likes: Chaos
Dislikes: Security
Fears: Security
Favourite Drink: Gunfire
Favourite Animal: Chimken
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Favourite Book: The Trail of Heisenbee
Favourite Film: Terminator 2
Favourite Scent: The scent of fresh blood in the morning.
Favourite Food: CAKES!
Favourite Plant: N/A
Favourite Chemical: N/A
Favourite Gun: Everything
Favourite Vacation Destination: Wubbo's diner

Medical Records:

Security Records:
Is generaly wrong with timing for using lethal bullets. | HoP's note: DO NOT LET THIS GUY GET HIS GREEDY HANDS ON THE ARMORY.

Growing up from [REDACTED] Holland working for his dad at his company called [REDACTED] untill the NT drove them bankrupt and his dad commited suicide. Samuel decided to join the NT to get around and start the family business again with his brother Daniel Crook. Dispite their effort this had little to no succes.
To this day Samuel still works for the NT and has grown a loyalty for it. But on rare acations his anger takes over...

(please point out any spelling misstakes, thanks! EDIT: Copy misstakes)
Occupation: Tries to fill in whatever she can do.

Might wanna fix that one sammy!
(01-14-2021, 01:28 PM)K for Kyler Wrote: Occupation: Tries to fill in whatever she can do.

Might wanna fix that one sammy!


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