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Honey Checkers (ITS CANON BABY!)
Name: Honey Checkers

Image(s): No image Provided  a fancy greater domestic space-bee a fancy greater domestic space-bee a fancy greater domestic space-bee a fancy greater domestic space-bee a fancy greater domestic space-bee

Physical Description:
Age: 20
Bloodtype: B-
Build: Hourglass
Clone Count: No clone count recorded.
Disabilities: None
Distinguishing Features: Odd Similarities to Bee Checkers
Ethnicity: White
Eye color: Heterochromia
Hair color: White
Height: 4'10
Unique Traits: Mysterious, Tries to fit in.
Weight: 96 pounds

Personal Information:
Biological Sex: Female
Gender Identity: She/Her
Current Residence: [REDACTED]
Economic Status: [REDACTED]
Education: [REDACTED]
Habits: Always being cautious.
Hobbies: [REDACTED]
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: Sometimes questions the authority and whole idea of NT.
Occupation: Tries to fill in whatever she can do.
Previous Occupations: Nanotrasen SPY

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Bee Checkers
Likes: Peace and Quiet
Dislikes: Almost everything about empires and or companies.
Fears: Having the truth come out.
Favourite Drink: Elf Chocolate
Favourite Animal: Mentor Rats
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite Book: Defending Jacob
Favourite Film: Star Wars (she likes to make fun of how true most of it is.)
Favourite Scent: The scent of honey.
Favourite Food: Gummy worms
Favourite Plant: Man-Eating Plant
Favourite Chemical: Hydrochloric Acid
Favourite Gun: Guns make Honey angry sometimes.
Favourite Monkey: StirStir
Favourite Vacation Destination: Wubbo's diner

Medical Records:
You can't help but get Bee's DNA results when you want Honey's

Security Records:

(I had to take it up with Naps(The owner and Creator of Bee Checkers) to make sure I can do this and make this canon) Honey woke up in a test lab as a twenty year old female. She is fairly new to the world and went to undergo mysterious Nanotrasen tests. She worked as an undercover agent, to infiltrate the Syndicate operatives and became disoriented with her own loyalty of Nanotrasen. She had to know the truth so she infiltrated a secret Nanotrasen shuttle containing classified information on her behalf. She had discovered that she had no mother or father, she had no family... in a sense at least. Honey Checkers is a modified version of Bee Checkers, Nanotrasen used the genetic code for Bee and created a slightly less capable of thinking version of her. This makes Honey easy to manipulate and easy to fall for the wrong things. Honey grew angry and confused, she defied Nanotrasen and only rejoined it when she found out the truth behind Bee's lore. From this day, she has been worried and tried to watch over her shoulder afraid that something might happen because of her knew found knowledge. She would also like you to know that Nanotras- (the rest of this bio has been erased due to some unknown error.... Please try again.)
can I use this format? Also great story!
(01-14-2021, 11:09 AM)bierkraan Wrote: can I use this format? Also great story!

hahah its not my format, its the gods's!

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