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Griffez, SiminianC, frem, MAIN, 5:45 PST
Admin: Griffez (the guilty), SiminianC, frem
Server: main
Date + time:  Jan 12th, 5:45 PST
Synopsis: The round starts. I decide to play as a staff assistant. I hear something being devoured, go there (HOP desk), and see the "Satan". I attempted to steal his briefcase and, after a few attempts, I finally stole his briefcase. Then, I ran to cargo, asking QM to open the door since I found some loot and am in need of a hiding spot. The admin playing Satan (presumably Griffez) then teleported me to his location. But he did not manage to do anything as I ran away. This is clear admin abuse, as Griffez used his admin power to adjust the game to his liking when it didn't go his way, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Then, as I ran away, Griffez used his admin magic to toss me around the station and eventually, after gibbing me, sent me to Hell. This is a more severe instance of admin abuse, as Griffez, again, used his admin powers to adjust the flow of the game to his liking (this time at the expense of other player's expense - permanent removal from the round). I a-helped, demanding my immediate restoration to which Griffez mockingly replied with something along the lines of "I don't know what you are talking about. But maybe you shouldn't have stolen Satan's briefcase". He, after some time, then offered me some games to get back into the game, which I rightfully ignored as I did not ask to be gibbed and sent to Hell in the first place. He then provided me with a phone so I could communicate with the crew but also publicly declared me a "scammer", so half the crew refused to talk to me. When multiple individuals prayed for my return, Griffez ignored it. Later, when Griffez captured more people. After I treated the bystanders harshly for interfering with my calls and attacked the man himself, "Satan" suggested that I should be locked off. After they agreed, "Satan" proceeded to put me in a 2x2 shame cube inside Hell itself, with no way to get out.

I have acted in a rude manner with the admin involved, however, that does not excuse him for doing this in the first place. Moreover, the event did not make much sense in the game world. Instead of getting the briefcase back using in-game mechanics or asking security to catch me, the admin involved opted for a more abusive option of using his admin-powers to adjust the event to his liking. I haven't even sold my soul, the admin placed me in Hell anyways, which prevented me from ghosting and choosing ghost roles. This points to the fact that the admin in question is ready to remove the players from the round if they don't treat the event as they want, which goes against the sandboxy nature of the game.
Logs: None
Extra information: This is not the first time I had problems with Griffez. It happened relatively recently, though I do not remember the exact time. I don't exactly remember this, however, I am fairly sure it was Griffez. First, Griffez proceeded to rotate the map, which, while annoying, wasn't that harmful. Then he proceeded to randomly shift tiles, which caused me to get stuck in Medical Chemistry. Then, he decided to replace all of the walls with crushers, which killed me. I accused him of admin abuse and demanded a respawn, to which he responded with something along the lines of "I am grief incarnate!". He then respawned the dead people as some random workers, many of whom died soon because, again, all walls were replaced with crushers. While the Satan event was a cool idea, replacing the walls with crushers cannot be justified with poor taste. It is pure grief and it is unacceptable.
I mean... You stole something from Satan. What did you expect to happen? The gimmick he was RP-ing, I assume, was not "be a human dressed as Satan", but it was "be Satan".

When you do battle with cosmic forces, expect to lose.

Yeah, one guy did pray to have you released from hell. But you asked him to, and he just copy-pasted a prayer like 8 times in chat. Prayers rarely get answered and there is no obligation to do so; spammed boiler plate ones like that are more likely to get you gibbed than your prayer fulfilled. I don't really see its bearing on this situation.

Admin gimmicks like these happen on main from time to time, from the events you describe, it doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary. He didn't single you out, you singled yourself out by engaging in the gimmick, becoming an antagonistic force to what he was doing. So he incorporated you into it by smiting you, like how fallen angels are want to do. Not every gimmick is going to work out perfectly for everyone.
It doesn't make any sense even for Satan to teleport people at a whim and send them straight to Hell. But yeah, whatever, you can say that gibbing was acceptable. Permanently locking me out of all post-death options wasn't. However, I want to point out that it is still poor roleplay. You mentioned that he "[smote] you, like how fallen angels are want to do". This doesn't make sense whatsoever, since Satan isn't supposed to possess limitless power and exercise it on a whim. And if we are talking about general media, people are usually smitten after a contract has been signed, which wasn't present here.
Hi, I was active in the round and witnessed most of the events described in the first post.

I was playing the detective in the round and was there when the HoP had made a deal with "Satan" for a golden gun, in which a russian surplus munitions box (or a trick revolver box) was summoned via loot crate drop and made golden. Once the HoP received the gun, I warned them simply that if they shot it someone would die, and "Satan" then egged them on to shoot it. A few seconds later and the HoP shoots themself with the trick revolver in front of us and the Captain, shortly thereafter "Satan" teleported behind the counter and gibbed them to hell. Not even a minute after this, the Captain then picks up the gun and does the same thing they saw the HoP do, during which I'm mostly positive you witnessed. That all in all is a pretty clear sign that an obvious admin gimmick role such as "Satan" isn't going to be nice.

As for getting Security involved, in a sense they were, and but they I mean I was. While I was in the middle of bargaining with "Satan" for something just after the captain shot themself, you proceeded to walk up, shove the briefcase out of their hand once or twice, then nab it and run off. I gave pursuit and was trying to catch you but ended up taking a wrong turn. Unfortunately for you I didn't find you again until you were being thrown about the halls for your theft.

You also were not the only one to recieve a bad hand, I'm fairly certain I remember seeing the guy you convinced to pray for you saying they were sent to hell for it, as well as one person getting gibbed for something I can't remember shortly before another person was put into a boxing ring in the chapel and made to fight a macho man. Even I myself was shot about 100 times at the end of the round and had my game horribly bugged out from it, though I gave into that of my volition.

The gimmick was pretty notable and obvious as "not as it seems", "tricky", and most certainly "evil" in the pursued nature, and you chose to antagonize that force.

Sorry if this is peanut posting, just hoping to shed a little light on the events from a different perspective if it helps any.
Who in the flippin' heck is Griffez?

Edit: Kyle basically already said what I was going to say about this. You steal a fallen angels briefcase and you get sent to hell. As for your other complaint, I honestly can't remember if I've interacted with you in the past and thus cannot dispute your demand for a respawn or having said 'I am grief incarnate', but the latter seems like something I'd say

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