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Events / Scheduled Events
Howdy folks! RPO Just had a fun random event centered around the Monkeys Paw.  Is this something you would like to see more often (not daily ofc)? Or perhaps in a scheduled format.
I'm pro any scheduled events!
Always! Either or, but more frequently would be great!
More events is always great!! And your Monkey's Paw round was a treat smile

I'll see if I can come up with some fun ideas too!
I'll start a repo of events with guidelines, send them my way so i can compile!
I'd both be happy to participate in and run events; and also to hear ideas from the community as to what events they may want to see!
I support the event! Because of covid, I haven't visited any interesting parties or places for a long time. My family is afraid for my health, which restricts me from visiting crowded places. I didn't support this idea, but I had to obey to worry my parents once again.  Now I can finally relax, rent a hotel near me and visit the places that interest me. If you need help in organizing, I will be happy to help. Work doesn't take up much of my time right now, so I can be helpful. Please write to me in private messages.  I hope to see you soon!

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