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Ban appeal for Bonhomme banned by kyle
My IRC/Discord Username: Bonhomme#3433
Date and time of the ban: End of July, 2020
Who banned me: kyle, iirc
Message given in the kick, if present: The user is banned from this guild
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I attacked a member of the community whilst remaining relatively contained - iirc, I did not use any terms specifically targeting minorities. iirc, a member of the community has stated something about being into BDSM (or indirectly implied), after which I have attacked them for it. They, however, did not seem to mind it and only embraced my accusations. Later, kyle arrived, mentioning that such behaviour was unnatural since I did not do such things previously. This would have resulted in a warning, most likely, however, I asked kyle to ban me, on which he delivered
Why I should be unbanned: First of all, I asked for the ban myself. Second, I can promise that such behaviour is unlikely to repeat in the future, since, as the banning admin mentioned, this behaviour was quite unnatural. It is also quite difficult for me to discuss mechanics with mentors, since they are not always there to respond, so I hope discord could solve that problem.

The circumstances surrounding this one were odd. Can you please explain your relationship to the following discord users:

Kaiser (Kaiser#4508 / 436706952479768582)
Zeon Did Nothing Wrong (Zeon Did Nothing Wrong#9706 / 180873204800159744)
Punished CatFish (Punished CatFish#0308 / 219974153011331074)
Punished Salamander (Punished Salamander#8082 / 562713794464448552)

For some context, these four joined the discord server simultaneously, began spamming slurs and were immediately removed. You joined in with them (curiously, making a point of not using slurs yourself), and then specifically associated yourself with them when you chimed in to ask why they were banned and referred to them as "heroes". We talked a while, and you asked for a ban. Before this, you had posted constructively since about 2018.

Throughout this, you referred to specific individuals as "degenerates", which while not a slur does strike me as quite a particular choice of words given that the others you were coordinating with explicitly marked themselves out as Nazis.

Essentially, given how that situation played out (and the fact that none of this was mentioned in your appeal), I have serious reservations about lifting the ban. I am not at all confident that you won't do a repeat of your previous troll vanguard action, or use access to the server to target specific individuals.
I don't really know these individuals per se and haven't really communicated with them (except Punished Salamander, but that happened later on). They are a part of a certain discord community, which, while not advocating any political beliefs, is quite lax on the rules, which results in a high quantity of trolls.
Thanks for responding. After looking into this further, I will not be removing the ban.

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