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Smells To See
[Image: EZu3HSk.jpg]
Name: Smells To See 
Birthname: Vincent Osprey
Family:  Sister - Seriema Osprey

       While interning as an Engineer on Manta, Vincent was entranced as the Singularity was started. His trance was short lived as a radiation spike caused severe malformation of his face, particularly around his eyes rendering him permanently blind.  Eye implants were attempted but due to the scar tissue present many costly surgeries would be needed, a VISOR was provided initially; however he was always suffering from crippling migraines for days after using one. Donning his new name fitting for his race, Smells To See now works whatever job he can be hired into, most often he can be found wandering the halls with a determined look on his once proud face.  He is not afraid to ask for assistance but generally wishes to try to achieve his task alone, due to this, he will sometimes get himself stuck or lost and will eventually have to call for assistance. 

       Smells is a friendly lizard who tries his best to ensure both he and those around him are in good moods. Jovial and always looking to meet new people, Smells sometimes surprises those around him with both his mobility and his knowledge of station layouts (his education background helped here). Those who get to know him find both a kind soul and one determined to not let his handicap stop him in any way shape or form. His tolerance for things is quite high, however he does have limits which have ended with him quitting before his shift was done due to harassment and belittlement of him and his career choices from leadership.

Physical Description:
Age: 36
Bloodtype: A+
Build: Average
Clone Count: 4
Disabilities: Blind
Distinguishing Features: His upturned nose sniffing the air, scar tissue around eyes
Eye color: N/A - Eyes are not present
Height: 5 foot 11
Unique Traits: Blind, 
Weight: Lean and muscled

Personal Information:
Alias: Smells To See
Biological Sex: Male
Economic Status: Average
Good at: Cleaning! Smelling!
Terrible at: Navigation!  
Education: Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Major in Thermodynamics 
Hobbies: Swimming, 
Marital Status: Single
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 50% , while grateful for employment, his disability prevents him from many career paths. If one option were to open up that would provide for him better he would take it.
Occupation: Janitor
Personality Traits: Gullible, Optimistic, friendly
Personality Type: INFJ
Previous Occupations: Understudy, Internships in various engineering departments
Zodiac: Taurus

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Seriema Osprey (Little Sister), Honest people, All his friends who give him the distances he needs to succeed without abandoning him to the wolves/space/grinder.
Likes: People who respect his boundaries, Pineapples, Swimming, 
Dislikes: Being grabbed without warning, Loud sudden noises, Gunfire, Getting shot, Losing his cart, People who take advantage of his kind nature
Fears: Silence for too long, getting lost, being mocked, polymorphed versions of himself that use it as a joke, Mimes
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Animal: Dog (His Seeing-Eye Dog is named Freckles)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Scent: Fruits
Favorite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
Favorite Plant: Cactus
Favorite Monkey: Squiggles
Favorite Place to Shoot the Breeze: Anywhere with a table and a friend

Medical Records:
 - Facial tissue and socket damage from radiation around the eyes
 - Permanent blindness
 - VISOR ineffective due to side effects
 - Patient cannot afford reconstructive surgery to allow cybernetic implants

Security Records:
 - Allegedly dispersed bananas throughout the station, charges dropped once he provided 8 trash bags full of the bananas he had been picking up (rather than dispersing)
- One record of public urination, however it turned out to be a prank by a security officer but is unable to have it cleared.
Jessie Rose : As a Syndicate, I've only protected him for 1 shift. But if anything happens to him, I will kill everyone in this station and then myself.  
a greater domestic space-bee that's gunna cause some trouble shelterbee
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