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Intrigue gamemode change ideas
I know Intrigue was meant to facilitate better RP oppurtunities, but on my opinion, a few changes to the gamemode might be more convenient. I might get off-topic or etc. but this is just a suggestion.

1. Spy thief. This job is quite hard most of the time, on my opinion. And best tactic is just treasure hunting instead of limb or trinket stealing. Main point is that it's a stealh-based antag, making the players choose between abandoning the job to interact more with crewmembers, move around the station silently while claiming bounties or if even possible, something in between. This job is quite a challenge, but should be made a rarer in the intrigue gamemode. To reduce focus on the challenge and more on RP.

2. Wizard and wraith. I'm not sure the reason why Wizard and Wraith is removed from intrigue game mode but I think adding these would encourage more RP. For example, Ghostbusters or Friendly Wizard scenario.

3. Nuclear Emergency. I think this gamemode should at least be a rarity, allowing players to let loose and have fun once in a while and perhaps adding RP interactions between Nuke Ops Members. While this may sound like a personal request, I prefer not to go to Goon1 just to play Nuclear Emergency due to the chaotic amounts of chaos in said server.
I think Spy Thief may be an interesting addition to RP, assuming the role is adjusted to conform well to the standard of roleplay. Especially considering the (usually) stealthy gimmick of Spy Thief could potentially prevent RP with the antagonist assuming they are cautious. Many Spy Thief rounds I've seen (and played in) on Goon1 are just antags running amok and stealing things to try and get their gadgets as quickly as possible. Adding Spy Thief to RP would require changing the nature of the gamemode to protect against this happening in a way significant enough to ruin the round for everyone.

Nukies, Wizard, and Wraith are all 'shoot first, ask questions later' antagonists and don't function that well in an RP-focused environment, in my opinion. I think they should stick to Admin-initiated events.
Isn't Spy Thief one of the current modes already on RP?
(02-11-2021, 11:58 AM)data_err0r Wrote: Isn't Spy Thief one of the view modes already on RP?

If it is then I've never seen it.
Only thing I really disagree with is wizards and wraiths. Both of those are pretty difficult to facilitate rp with. I think Spy/Nuke Ops could definitely do more in that department, although maybe the mechanics for nuke would have to be changed, maybe a longer bomb timer/require the nuke disc to activate the bomb. 

Also gangs needs to be put into rotation, it's like it was made for the RP servers.
(02-11-2021, 12:04 PM)getbrecked Wrote:
(02-11-2021, 11:58 AM)data_err0r Wrote: Isn't Spy Thief one of the view modes already on RP?

If it is then I've never seen it.

it is a game mode on RP

for me I think there just needs to be some changes to the equipment and powers in RP, Wizard I think would be great for RPing but there spell list is in no way good for RPing.

Changeling is way to murdery for there full skill list to be used unrestrained.

A lot of Traitor Items are not good for RP as well, things like the Macro and micro bombs, bomb making kits and the like seem to just make the crews jobs living hells with out the cool RP that happening with those kinds of bombings

Nuke Ops are Admeme only and can be good fun RP if the nukies are up for it

Vampire is good for the most part, but a lot of what I said about changeling still is there

and in all, the RP antags need more powers and items that can be good for RP, like Mindslave implants, agent cards and the like
-Changling has some interesting abilities but is a bit too murder focus (perhaps a rework?)
-Spy thief's are in a relatively ok place (although more items on spy thief list could be very fun)
-Some traitor items are great for RP some... less so (maybe rework the item list on RP or give them less points?)
-Nuke ops and wizards and other invasion type antags could be interesting but they'd need to be reworked for RP (maybe Nukies have a vague goal of trying to take over the station and hack the shuttle to go to a mindslave implant facility instead of centcomm? Maybe wizards could have a different spell list on RP)
-Vampire is in a good place although basically no options to taunt people without being found out saddens me
-A conversion type antag (like rev and gang) That converts the crew into more members would have to be done delicately but could be very interesting... Maybe a cultist antag? (Cough cough suggestion i made ages ago cough)
-Wraith is also in a similar position to changling in that it could be very fun but would need a rework to be a bit less murder focused (I and smarter people have suggested this)

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