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Vizelly Character Files Needing Comments
Hello all! Welp, I dont really know how to explain why I did this too much but I wrote around 5200 words (30 pages) of Vizelly lore, although a lot of it is white space.

What I need from you all:

The story of this file is that a fired HOP sent it out to all on a public terminal file to all but Vizelly, so IC you all can see it and comment on certain parts. Before I make it final, I want to have two versions, one where its the base file, and the other the terminal version with a bunch of IC comments on it from you all commenting about what you read.

The Syntax for the comments is [username]-[message], just highlight a short area where it is talking about, for the final version I'll be editing it to look nice and terminally

Also you can see other peoples comments and respond to them IC, such as if you have friends IC or if you want to call someone a dork for what they said!

Also, have the username be something cute/silly that makes it kinda obvious who your IC character is, ex: Gertrude Luna= GertrudeIsADude, Cal Moobery= CowCalCowCal, just cute stuff like that. Thank you all for reading!
This is extremely cool!
What a great document, so much time and effort! I love it!! big grin
This was genuinely a delight to read, damn. A very unique window into the world of Vizelly and also some good RP cues for the rest of us for future interactions!

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