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Nanotrasen Crewmember Records: Franziska Jackson
PRE-PROFILE NOTE: This template was inspired by that which JanAntilles used for Fleur's profile.

Papers, Please - Death Theme (As Sec)
Other Friends + The World Revolving (As Syndie) (she left NT to see her OTHER FRIENDS)
Earthbound - Sanctuary Guardian (Any Other Job)[url=][/url]

Quote: "My Uncle, what a worthy man." -Alexander Pushkin

Biological Information:
Birth Gender: Male
Current Gender: Female
Age (As of date): 35
Blood Type: B-
Size: Average height with muscular build
Ethnicity: Primarily Russian, DNA test reveals additional Japanese and Irish ancestry alongside Russian.
Eye Color: Deep shade of green
Hair Color: Black, Natural

Confidential and Personal Information:
Full Name (As of date): Franziska Thompson Smirnov-Jackson
Aliases: Franz, Flap, [DATA EXPUNGED]
Birthdate: November 6, 2019
Birthplace: East Grestin, Arstotzka.
Date of Gender Change: December 3rd, 2059
Education: Multiple degrees, doctorate in nuclear physics
Favorite Drink:
Smirnov Family Recipe: 
One part chocolate, one part tea, one part vodka. heat.
Favorite Color: Deep red, possibly maroon or burgundy. No specification given.
Favorite Animal: Tuxedo Cat
Marital Status: Single, Asexual

Unnecessary, Supplementary Information:
Hobbies: Collecting guns, model trains, creative writing.
Dislikes: Abuses of status, loud noises, monkeys.

Job Experience:
From the age of 14, Franziska was stationed as a Syndicate Nuclear Strike Team member, under the code name of [DATA EXPUNGED], which her uncle operated under before the birth of Franziska herself, in which he taught Franziska the operation of many weapons and vehicles, but Franziska took a personal liking towards the heavier weapons, such as an LMG, which was destructive and damaging enough for her, but not too violent, because she has standards she did not wish to kill the Nanotrasen crewmembers, but cripple them. Her uncle was then killed in a Nanotrasen raid on her childhood home, and Franziska was taken into NT custody.

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