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The Winter Party on the NSS Manta--Share your pics!
As many of you hanging out in the #rp-server channel on the Discord know, yesterday-ish on Dec 26th, jan.antilles held a little party on RP Overflow on the NSS Manta, with the help of me, shotgunbill, Rodney Dick, sord213, CaptainBravo, and adharainspace. There was joy and merriment aplenty in the Bridge and everywhere else, people had fun fights in the "ice" rink, the clown got a new home, and even the Syndicate brought some fun to the party, in their own peculiar way .

Turnout was great and much higher than I expected, and people were much more well-behaved than I expected. I'm  thankful for all the other admins who joined into the event, even if they didn't do much, and jan.antilles was a dear to work with. The Syndicate bomb present (which was a special nuke by the way) went okay considering how spur of the moment the idea was--any relations to real life events is just coincidence, and apologies if it felt that way while it was on-going or in hindsight.

At encouragement of others, I've decided to create a thread with screenshots of the event. Of course, everyone is invited to share their own!

Without much further ado: pictures

Even the Pre-Party is Wild
The previous overflow round ended about 15 minutes before the scheduled event time, so there was an extra-short round to ensure the party could begin at 2 UTC (9 EST, 6 PST, noon AEST, etc.) exactly. You can see, it was quite a chaotic ride.
[Image: Fvj89gD.png]

Klaus 2 Greets You!
One of my contributions to the party, a robot with something called maptext telling new arrivals where the party is. It took a while to get it to something I was happy with, as I'm not as proficient with maptext as other people are, but I'm pleased with the result. Credit to shotgunbill for name and clearing away the decorations for easier reading.

[Image: MpcpDSb.png]

Goonstation on Ice
Just one of the many fights that went on the "ice" rink (or perhaps more like snow rink) below the bar.
[Image: NjgjnQ3.png]

Fun Times
Meanwhile, here's what was happening at the party at the Bridge at the same time!
[Image: xwnxxv7.png]

Rad as in Radical
One of my doings. A very simple idea based off of a very silly misreading of "radiation".
[Image: ms6W4AU.png]
Thank you so much for this thread Studenterhue, and thank you SO MUCH for all the admins and players who came and helped to make this such a fun event!

I spent most of the beginning of the round trying to help set up areas, so I didn't get many screenshots until near the end, but I have a couple pictures to share!

Gunnar Gustafsson had a poker table going!

[Image: gjP8S23.png]

The most horrifying of deities appeared in Medbay... the admin mouse. And it was ARMED!

[Image: fA75A3Z.png]

We almost ended the party with a very literal bang.... happy Spacemas, everyone!

[Image: f2zzkgD.png]

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