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REVENGE OF THE RANDO BAN (SpaghettiGasMask banned by studenterhue)
Who banned you?: - studenterhue
Byond Key: - SpaghettiGasMask
Events leading up to the ban: I do not remember because I did not immediately make this after being banned, instead opting to play on other servers, but nothing malicious.
Why I should be unbanned: It seems that I've been banned in the crossfire of another player's stickyban because I accidentally joined with a vpn on or whatnot, I don't truthfully know.
See this:

Sorry for not perfectly aligning to the ban appeal format

looks like it got fixed, thanks and neat

looks like it got fixed, thanks and neat
There's a lot of errors in this appeal that require fixing: 1) you're using the Discord ban appeal format when the ban is in-game 2) you posted in the subforum for Discord ban appeals when, again, the ban is from Goonstation servers rather than the Goonstation Discord and 3) if you had the time to do it right the first time and have to the time to edit your post to say you're not following the format, I think you have the time and expertise to do it again, barring that you're allowed to post on your old appeal.

Actually, it seems an appeal was unnecessary, because someone already removed the bans in question.

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