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Discord ban appeal - Captain_Ethanol
My IRC/Discord Username: Captain_Ethanol#1488
Date and time of the ban: I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 months ago, but it was on the 16th.
Who banned me: Unknown
Message given in the kick, if present #1488 tag
Summary of events leading up to the ban: Pretty sure it was just because of the tag
Why I should be unbanned: I would like to preface this by saying I am in no way a Nazi, nor a white supremacist. The whole reason the #1488 tag came about was because of a conversation I was having with some friends in a discord server. Basically, it amounted to, "Hey, look, my tag is 1488, you have to ban me now because I'm a nazi."

That is the extent of it. It was used purely for satire based upon the conversation that was going on in that particular discord. It just never got changed because I was drunk at the time and forgot about it and it had, until this ban, managed to go undetected throughout the myriad discord servers I inhabit.
I want to reiterate that I do not subscribe to any nazi or white supremacist ideals.

To address the other points that the person who banned me brought up when I adminhelped via the goonstation ss13 server
My animated avatar was a animated warhammer 40k avatar which said something to the effect of "heretics detected" and depicted an astartes marine firing his bolter. I am a fan of the warhammer 40k universe and if you don't believe me, I will be more than happy to send you a screenshot of the warhammer books i have in my audible.

The way I was talking in the discord: Okay, this is a little bit harder to address, because of course I have no idea how other people perceive me, but I would like to think that while I was being argumentative towards ideas put forth that could be considered left of center, the default wouldn't be to automatically label me as a nazi/white supremacist.

I get that the tag was a big yikes, though. My bad.

I haven't logged in to the server in a while, but when I do decide to pick ss13 back up, because I did enjoy interacting with the people on board even if the only job I have the hang of so far is bartender, I would like to be able to discuss it and seek help from other goonstation citizens.

The discord tag was edgy, it outlived its intended use and persisted into your discord where I was smited for it.

Oh, and I should mention that I have changed my discord tag from Captain Ethanol#1488 to Captain Ethanol#2020

I will be updating it to Captain Ethanol#2021 here in a few days. Happy holidays.
if you don't actually believe the things you were saying in discord, then you were trolling.
trolling about creepy fascist nazi shit is against our rules just as much as genuinely posting creepy fascist nazi shit.

the discord tag (cmon man), combined with what you were saying and how you were saying it, combined with the profile picture marks you as someone who either genuinely believes what you post in, or someone who posts inflammatory things like that to troll and own people on discord. and since it's clearly not the first (because you said it wasn't) then it must be the 2nd. so unless you can convince us that we should let you back in despite a history of "satirical nazi trolling" that you didn't mention changing in your appeal, i'm leaning towards no right now.
Hi, Warc's not actively admining right now, so I'm handling your appeal.
I appreciate that at the time of the ban you were fairly transparent, and your appeal seems honest, but I'm denying your appeal right now.
On what you said at the time: trolling about creepy fascist nazi shit is against our rules just as much as genuinely posting creepy fascist nazi shit. Over a textual medium, it's hard to tell make out sarcasm or satire. So yes, despite your intentions, it was poorly received.

Furthermore, I'm left un-easy that you'd swap to the 1488 tag as a joke towards some friends to put them in an awkward (if ostensibly humorous) position.

Your in-game notes have been nicely empty since Oct 23rd. Maybe keep up the passable behavior and we can revisit it sometime next year.
Okay, I'm a little confused...could you post an example of what you would consider creepy nazi material? I mean I was being argumentative but I was under the impression that was appropriate for the channel. The only thing I remember saying was that individuals are responsible for their own criminality in response to someone saying that public schools are a pipeline to prison. Is it nazi adjacent to say people are responsible for their actions?

I'm not responding to anyone's feelings about an established sci-fi universe profile picture.
Sorry for doubleposting, I don't see an edit button

I understand you are the admin here, and I'm not gonna tell you how to do your job, but I don't think its necessary for me to operate within the rules in game to demonstrate that this ban should be lifted any more than I think it was necessary for me to wait a month to make this appeal...I understand if you don't believe I'm being genuine, but I am telling you, honestly, that I have no associate, affiliation, or shared identity with fascism. I would like to think there is at least a degree of separation between outright practicing fascism and arguing in favor of what would be considered right of center ideas or against left of center thoughts and policies.

You're right, the 1488 tag was a tasteless joke, it was executed with regard to the intended audience.

I think the channel I was posting in was the cool zone? The one meant for discussing the then recent election results and other possibly sensitive subjects?

I'll be straight with you, I wasn't trolling. Whatever it was that I was saying, it was probably because I found whatever it was a response to fallacious. I don't generally perceive my argumentative style as giving off nazi vibes, but I genuinely apologize if it did. Obviously intent and perception and two different animals and what matters in most social interactions is perception.

Did a user of the discord message one of you guys and ask you to snipe me or something?
Warc isn't around, so this appeal *process* is a little rough.
I wasn't "there" at the time, and when I responded earlier, I hadn't done a lot of investigation (was on break). So I went through the chat history just now: What you said in discord was more-so "soft signals of a maybe-fascist" that on-their-own would'nt have prompted *me* to ban you. There's no smoking-gun post that got you banned.
For my perspective, the "worst" part was the 1488 tag. We legit ban Discord users before they can post for similar tags and nicks. (It's not an automated process, one of us just sometimes notices it on join). I strongly *suspect* it's 80-90% of what got you banned.
I don't know if a user "reported" you to the admin team or if Warc banned you of her own impetus, and frankly, I don't think that's relevant in an appeal most of the time.

I'm lifting your ban. Please enjoy our community.

And in-case you have doubts or would like clarification: The gun and school stuff was "fine" as far as I'm concerned. Maybe don't call law-breaking children "degens" (try not to broadly insult fellow humans).
Ok, yeah, thank you for doing more research. I was a little saddened initially because I don't remember posting anything that I would remotely consider related to fascism and it seemed like the ban was being at least partly predicated upon my arguing in favor of right of center ideas, especially in a containment channel that I was sure was supposed to house that kind of thing.

I was just curious if one of the users had asked for the ban because I was "acting like a nazi." I'm not going to alter my argumentative style or beliefs unless a life changing event happens, but being accused of holding fascist ideas, especially as a veteran, doesn't sit well with me. That kind of accusation hurts even if it isn't true.

Thank you for lifting the ban.

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