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Spaceman3 banned by adharainspace
Who banned you?: adharainspace
Byond Key: - Spaceman3
Discord Username: - Haven't joined your discord
Date of Ban: - September?
Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: Banned for murdering 2 people by pushing them into the crusher as a non antagonist. One was braindead. Refused to cooperate with admin pms. write an appeal on our unban appeal subforum ( to get this ban lifted. Note that email activation may or may not be available - if not, you'll need to join the discord ( and ask in chat for an admin to activate your account.

Banned By: adharainspace
This ban applies to all servers.

Ban Length: - [i](This is a permanent ban).[/i]
What led to the ban?: - I gibbed two NPCs
Why am I appealing?: - May as well put in a ban appeal
Which rule did you break?: - Rule 1
Evasion Attempts: - No
Hi, Adhara's really busy this week, so I'm handling your appeal.
A few points, I'll go in order:
Discord - You have joined our discord server, back in October 23rd, and got banned for some low effort trolling.
Date of ban - just FYI, it was Oct 12th
What led to the ban - They weren't NPCs
Why appeal - low effort and no remorse.
Evasion attempts - Yes, and you should detail them.

Denied. Come back when you're willing to be honest.
oh you're gonna lie about evasion attempts
We've got connection attempts from two different IP addresses.
And clearing that up alone doesn't address lack of remorse/intent to improve, nor does it clear up you treating players as NPCs.

Put some more effort into this appeal or don't bother at all kthx.
Imagine claiming that i'm not being honest when you're not being honest yourself. Why lie Mark, Got something to hide?

You're like that owegno liar from /tgstation/: doesn't know what dynamic ips are. You told me to copy as paste my ban message and i haven't played on your server for 2 months so how can i copy paste it without firing ss13 back up?

GTFO Mark. I'll wait for Adhara, i'm patient.

Imagine claiming that a player that's left the server and isn't coming back isn't an NPC. Why are you even being so hostile?
[img]Woah this broke hard[/img]
Disconnected players are not NPCs.
Generally speaking you can't be certain that they aren't coming back. Regardless of that, disconnected players are still protected by Rule 1.

What in the goddamn
lol you can't even post an image correctly
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: 8Vezmyf.jpg]

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