Justin Falklin HoS Application
Usual character name:Justin Falklin
BYOND username:RGBDeadSilent
Discord username Dead Silent
Recommended by: A few have recommended me, or even thought I already had HoS status, Superlagg, Retrino and Drago Kitterson have recently suggested I do it. A Christmas Caro has said i'm cool
Goon servers you play: Main (2) and RP very rarely.

Reason for application: I've been encouraged to do so, and recently i've seen numerous new security officers who seem like they might need help, and a Head of Security might be someone they may listen to more than just another officer. Also, NT-SO has an awesome gas mask and it would be neat to run around an glock people sometimes.

Security experience (300 word minimum): I first started playing Goon just under halfway through 2020, and it took me quite a long time to finally jump into the red roles, I wanted to have a firm understanding of how Goon mechanics worked before I played a role I saw as very important on station. My first security round I had the honor of having Digornio Pizzarelli as my Head of Security. Pizzarelli instantly asked if I was new and then guided me through the steps of setting up Secmate and setting arrest warrants. He then lead me through batons and cuffs, it was a great start for my first time on the role.
My time on security was off to a good start with the tutoring I had received I kept at it on the role for awhile. I can say I was a bit overly aggressive at times at the start, but playing security has the benefit of usually having many other officers to play with, and to see how they dealt with situations was a good way to improve myself on how to deal with antagonists. I gained a good idea on when an antagonist should be ignored, negotiated with, and as always just simply outright destroyed.
Eventually my time on goon carried me into a tide, as I had started playing only a few months before Tomato setup the nightshade servers and the non-whitelisted players who were getting into SS13 joined Goon main and RP instead.  Honestly playing through a tide is somewhat exhausting, there we so many new players and so many good experiences, but the greytiding really hit next levels. There have been many shifts as a security officer where I simply hit my limit when the shift is over, and I can't wait to put a grey shirt on myself and just not have to worry about the responsibilities and expectations of a red shirt.
I've kept all red roles on medium ever since along with Medical and Engineering, its a role I've come to enjoy and I'm excited each shift I start as a Security Officer.

Answer two or more of the following:

    What advice would you give to other sec players?
Security is a team and you should honestly work with your other officers as best you can whenever a real antagonist is called out, the longer you stay alive, the longer the rest of security stays alive, and the longer other players stay alive and enjoy their own shift. To counter that, sometimes you really just have to rush in alone and be a hero, you don't have to beat the changeling to death and throw him into the crusher now, but you should definately save that staff assistant before he gets drained of all bodily fluids, then, run away.
Try to follow space law, trespassing is not a reason to murder someone, and even though you caught that rev-head, if he's alone, you don't always have to execute them. Sometimes you might lose by brigging an antagonist only for their partner or team to break them out of security, but honestly for the players who succeeded in doing so? It was probably pretty awesome for them to have snuck into sec to do it. Its all about the fun everyone is having. Dying sucks for you, and you won't always win but never forget, you're a security officer... Your disc should be on the table in security, you have the best chance of making it back alive, so make mistakes.
P.S. Put your disc on the table, that include you Head of Security, I can't clone you when your disc gibs with the rest of your body.

    What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one)
I've been considering this one for awhile now, but my best experience in security (So far) just happened recently. I was out on a normal patrol on Density when a borg (Anvil) called out to me in the hallway, claiming they had a traitor trapped in maintenance. Anvil looked a bit emagged, but I went along with it. Maintenance was breached and full of kudzu, and at the very end of the maintenance shaft was a lonely 1x2 room with Jeanne the botanist trapped inside with a Syndicate Chainsaw and EMP grenades. Jeanne had apparently already murdered one person, and when Anvil began assisting, they had fled into maint and trapped themselves. There was a bit of a rough start, they EMP grenaded me and thought I was going to execute them, but after a bit of time we started negotiating. I had Anvil watch the door for a moment while I fixed my EMP'd equipment and brought backup (Red chainsaw is no joke, thank you QTNeen for teaching the station that.) We made a deal, i'd give them a minimal sentence, and they would give up the chainsaw, they had murdered someone but i'd rather not have any more negative consequences on this shift. After a bit of work they dropped the chainsaw, hopped into the port-a-brig (No o2 in maint by now) and off to security. We had a short chat in security about how unfortunate it was, there was an artifact with Stimulants and Bo-Jacks in science, and if they had started their rampage after getting some (They even found the artifact) then maybe things would be different. I took their EMP grenades, left them with their syndicate PDA, and set their timer for 1s, they had spent enough time in the dark in maintenance trapped in a 1x2 tiny room, with kudzu creeping in. It was a good shift after that, which is in instead a whole other story.

    What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
If the Cameras on station were improved, i'd really really like to see a more At-Home position on security, god help me we could use a Warden. Cog1, Kondaru (REALLY Kondaru) have pretty far off armories that can easily be broken into because they are so far away from the rest of security. Most officers on Cog1 are in the main foyer eating donuts, recharging gear and maybe setting an arrest. Meanwhile, you can literally walk right out of crew quarters and space walk into the room next to the armory. This is good and bad, good because it allows folks to jailbreak, bad because the armory is super vulnerable. Maybe not a warden, maybe a security should get a loud warning when the armory is opened, motion sensors or something.
Armory take 2, you can have three officers authorize the armory to be open, how about after 30s, you can have officers re-lock the armory too. So that when they leave to deal with the issue they had to open the armory with, its not still opened and unlocked while out.
Security Borgs were apparently a thing once, but I wasn't ever around for it, but I really gotta say it would be really neat to have a HoS locked Borg in the armory. It could work as the Nano-trasen frame, opposite the Syndicate borg frame. It has Security laws built into it, and it ignores the upload computers laws. Its job is to maintain the peace, and it should pack some heat.

    Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
While working with a team, you can really focus on everything you come across. I'll have time to walk in between a fight between staff assistants beating each other to death with chairs and flash them and split up the fight, if I was the only officer on shift? I might not even engage, i'd say split it up, and then i'd just clear out. It wouldn't be worth the risk. Once a real problem comes up, folks are dying and I need to get to there as soon as I can. Dying isn't always fun on ss13, so if I go down, my gear is now available for whatever antagonist to take, and that'll just cost more folks as they start dying off.

Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):

    Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.
A Haiku, for the love between Security Officers and our fellow crew member in red.

Red meets Red running
Flashing yellow, my baton gone
A last honk goodbye

    What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?
Chayot (Corporate Shill) is always a sneak running around in a grey-suit as a Security Officer, it would be pretty good to have a full security team go grey-shirt one shift and blend in, ID's and all and try to break up the carnage from undercover. Would be even better if it was a gang round.
    Draw a picture!

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I was extremely tired and Enakai started a hogwarts round, and I stayed on to collect every wizard ring that could possibily be spawaned (Magic Missile took forever to find), I asked for the reward of ban-shark so I could go to sleep, it was Oshan and the music was very fitting, I even tried to run away but tripped like a doofus.
+1, Justin is a knowledgeable and fun player, and I'm sure they would make a very good HoS
good to see you got your app up finally. yes fer sure, always someone you can depend on to be a good officer as both crew and security +1
Absolutely yes, I was afraid I wouldn't see this app for a week at least, so very glad to see it now! Justin is a very robust and good peep, saved my hide a few time and I'm always happy to see them in the round, as sec or doctor. Would make a good HoS I'd say. +1
+1 to this, Justin has always been a good friend, and certainlly would be robust enough to wear the berret. They also are fair on brigging and other punishment when they do play sec
Yeah, Justin is indeed a cool person and I'm sure he'll be a good HoS
Justin plays sec officer a lot, and they're pretty good at it. They have the kind of attitude towards security that I like to see. I think they would make a great HoS!
Frequent SEC lots with Justin Falklin.

Patient, efficient, a leader, robust, fair, reliable.
I wouldn't say he's perfect. That's just too much.
However I can't think of anything I could offer for him to improve upon.

He makes the game fun. Takes care of the crew. Takes care of Antags too. (really, a comfort to them, not "take care" as in kill.)

He's a damn fine SECOFF. I couldn't shill him enough. +1.

SEC-Borg sounds fantastic btw. Though really it may end up of being too strong. We'll see.
> Its job is to maintain the peace, and it should pack some heat.
Yes their bullet-riddled corpses will be very peaceful once our SEC-Borg is through with them.
fwiw I heard this guy say "I wish TURDS was still a thing"
Time to make my rare appearance on the forums.

Honestly, I thought you were playing Goon for years, not for only half a year. Which generally either means I've a) had to deal with a lot of your bullshit or b) you play a lot and have meaningful rounds. And you are definitely in the latter. You've played a lot of security and I generally always knew that you knew what you were doing, and have helped out in tough spots.

+1 from Ace Victor
He knows alot about the game and its mechanics, fair with his punishments and playstyle, hed be a great hos + 1
give em the beret, +1
He stuffed me into a safety-chute while I was not tabbed out of the game. This made me feel warm and cozy. <3


(12-27-2020, 08:30 PM)GORE Wrote: He stuffed me into a safety-chute while I was not tabbed out of the game. This made me feel warm and cozy. <3


I mean was tabbed out of the game - oops.
Justin is reliable and knows how to play sec as a team and fairly. Had some good backup from him in recent shifts. +1!
I've seen Justin Falklin around a lot as Sec, as well as command. He's extremely fair and his approach to being a Secoff is great. Most everything else has been covered by everyone above. I'm glad to see this application up and have been waiting for you to make it for a couple of months now!

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