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Teatime for Heraclius banned by Flourish
I am not on Discord - my key for Byond is Teatime for Heraclius
Date of Ban: 20.11.2020

Ban text:
Reason: Nonantag. Joined, stole an AFK chaplain's identity, and spaced them. You really shouldn't be killing people. You weren't online to talk to, so I'm going to apply a ban to your account. If you'd like this ban lifted early, please review the rules (, including the RP rules, and make an appeal on the forums (
Banned By: flourish
This ban applies to all servers.
(This ban will be automatically removed in 29.9 Days.).
If you believe you were unjustly banned, head to the forums and post an appeal. 

What led to the ban: I am a very new player and I thought I would practice some antag tactics on someone who was clearly AFK, although I wasn't quite good enough to not get caught. I was testing boundaries and trying to figure out playstyles, what I can and can't get away with etc

Why am I appealing: I like the game, roleplaying and community - I want to get more into a particular role and learn the ropes, the learning curve is large, I suppose my griefing behaviour was me getting bored and frustrated with the learning curve. But the rules are obviously there to stop bullies and trolls and I realise if people did this to me I would be very annoyed.

What rule did I break: Don't grief

Ban evasions: I attempted to make a new account to rejoin the server - "Jongle" which I have deactivated.

I would also say I probably broke rule 9 o the Roleplaying Rules: Look out for everyone - I'm sorry I messed up your round, Chaplain!
Thank you for the appeal and thanks for reviewing the rules! I've lifted your ban. Let me know if you have trouble connecting!
Thank you for your generosity.

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