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Nicole Hazurus
Quote(s): "Do you really want the answer to that question?" "... Do I want the answer to that question?"

Name: Nicole Alexus Hazurus

 [Image: nicole.png?resize=450,450]

[Image: rinase.png?resize=450,450]

Theme(s): (Maybe later.)

Physical Description:
Age: 25
Bloodtype: O-
Build: Athletic/Lithe, somewhere in between.
Clone Count: Paperwork has certainly been tampered with, but somewhere in the range of 500.
Disabilities: High-Functioning Sociopath, easily manipulated, suicidal tendencies
Distinguishing Features:
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Black/Purple Highlights
Height: 5' 8"
Unique Traits: Athletic; Addictive Personality
Weight: 145 pounds.

Personal Information:
Alias: Alexis
Birthdate: February 27th
Birthplace: Clarion-Class NTSS
Biological Sex: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Current Residence: Where ever Central Command directs her.
Economic Status: Upper Middle-Class
Education: Medical Doctorate
Habits: Hyper and extremely prone to distraction, running around her work place, manic changes in mood.
Hobbies: Chemical experimentation
Marital Status: Single
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 73%, despite potential cracks in her loyalty armor, she is quite content with her stake in life with Nanotrasen, though she may not always act like it.
Occupation: Medical Director/Bartender
Personality Traits: Hot-headed, extremely defensive, stubborn, excitable, a certain spark in her eyes
Religion: Atheist
Zodiac: Pisces

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Selflessness, especially so if it is a risk to one's own life, following the pursuit of knowledge at any cost, anyone who can deal with when her personality flips
Likes: Running around, performing surgery, shouting/speaking loudly, high-fives
Dislikes: Thieves, being lied to, paperwork, a beepsky unit taking away her toys
Fears: Much opposed to her... Quick, and rash reactions to certain situations, her greatest fear is Nanotrasen realizing she is unnecessary. And, not worth the trouble she causes, even with her medical skills. She may find her cloning record non-existent one day.

Favourite Drink: Ling Island Iced Tea
Favourite Animal: Dr. Acula and their many clones.
Favourite Colour: Purple
Favourite Scent: The fresh, linen smell in the waiting room... When a shift begins, at least.
Favourite Food: Synthmeat Cheeseburger
Favourite Plant: Synthcat
Favourite Chemical: Haloperidol
Favourite Gun: Her tranquilizer
Favourite Monkey: Any that don't invade her operating room.
Favourite Place to Shoot the Breeze: A medical bay lobby.

Medical Records:
For some reason, there are no records kept. Someone must be wiping them.

Security Records:
Short-tempered. Normally compliant, but holds total disregard for someone that threatens her workspace, or close co-workers.

(I'll uh, I'll get back to this. This is the hard part.)

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