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The Role of Security and Antagonists on RP Servers
Perhaps there should be alternate punishments. I noticed that SecMate settings have a 'paroled' option, but not only has it seldom been used, theres no real way to either utilize nor enforce it. Maybe have the option go alongside, I don't know, some kind of manacle that prevents running but otherwise lets the person go about his business? Or maybe an electropack, but designed to not be easily removed?

Maybe some kind of tracking implant that beeps in if the implantee enters a restricted area?

Point is, the fact that brigging is the only real form of punishment may be part of the problem here. A more nuanced punishment for bad behavior may cut back on the salt.
I'mma weigh in here as an old fart HoS that's been here far too long. This isn't unique to RP, nor unique to the present date. Sec has ALWAYS been like this, and always will be. It is the nature of the job.

One thing going for RP is that it enables interaction with the crew more so than the non-RP would.

I would always argue the first weapon a security has is his/her voice. Take advantage of that as Security.

I often shame someone before actually arresting them. I call them out on the radio, stating my clear intentions that I/Sec are aware of what they are doing and that they are now set to arrest. This is two pronged approach - it offers full transparency to the crew and it flushes the crimer out.

Further to that, share the pain. If someone is being a constant demoralizing shit, get the Med Dir involved, tell them they require to be psychoanalysed. The Med Dir will be more than happy to assist. Or call the HoP, tell them that this person is clearly a detriment to their job and interview them for reassignment. Get the Cap involved if it requires some better judgement (heh). This of course is done while they are in the brig, so it gives the crimer some stimulus.

Listen and use clear judgement. This comes with experience, but someone cursing and hexing out of them either burns you out or grows your skin thicker. Petty insults at me these days just simply don't work. I am powered entirely by salt.

But don't lean into a sadistic streak either, save that for last. The worst security plays those cards first. Give the crimer a chance to explain his actions and explain what you saw on your end.

Don't be afraid to relent. I've often let crimers free (even if I sense something is awry) if there's not enough concrete evidence or witnesses. Too many officers just throw them in the brig without actually fully understanding why.

On the flipside, if a player is being a constant shitter, humiliate them. But never ever make it personal.

Eye for an eye doesn't always work. My rule of thumb is more like an eye for an eyelid - pay back in kind but not as much as they would to you. So if a player has gone on a murderous rampage but only managed to kill two players, then take your sweet ass time detaining them and slap on an extra punishment which you seek fit. Again, communication with the heads is important here. If a player has fucking bombed the station with a TTV - execute them. Anything that is borderline round ending is fit for execution imo. But again, communicate, communicate, communicate. Make the execution public if you have to.

Nobody likes a lone wolf security that does stuff without stating. Everyone (especially security) likes the "desk" sec that literally does not leave the office, they just sit around on cameras and set players to arrest and talk to people. There is a reason for that which I need not explain.

Security is hard. But SS13 is naturally funny. The duality of this is that you are often part of these funny moments, along with the shit. Don't beat yourself up, buddy up with other officers and get that camaraderie that other departments wished they had. The best security forces are the ones that are jovial and cracking jokes (often at other peoples demise).
Well said!

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