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Oh Goodness Pritchard is Applying for HoS
jflan17 Wrote:
Xeram Wrote:What do you mean exactly? The ego thing or the silly inside joke about making everything Pritchard?
You only really care about making things fun for yourself.

Well that I have to protest against, I do often try to think of ways to make things fun for those around me while up to whatever i'm doing, I generally leave my mindslaves to their own devices and don't force them to kill themselves if I don't have to, in one instance i was made an admin for a round and as apposed to just rrunning around beating everyone down with adminpower i spent most of the time dead observing as i attempted to make things as fun as possible for everyone online at the time, and most people agreed it was rather fun albiet chaotic. Or the traitor rounds I've spent simply making sabers for the crew and seeing what unfolds. I also suppose all the smaller instances too, such as going out of my way to recover a corpses to be revived even when everything has gone to shit and helping save people who would otherwise have their round ended, sure I like to have fun myself some times, but It's not like I don't think of trying to help others have fun at the same time.
Everytime I see you, you're being either rude, hostile, or unhelpful. I don't think I'd enjoy rounds with you as a HoS unless you showed a better attitude towards other players.

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