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Complaint Zewaka, Goon 4, 10/30/20, 5:00 PM CST
Admin: Zewaka

Server: Main Overflow (Goon 4)
Date + Time: 10.30.20 at about 5 PM CST
Synopsis: During the entirety of the round Zewaka was playing music via the radio constantly, about every 2-5 minutes a new song would get played. Almost every time a new song was started my game would freeze for a short period of time, and I believe a few others said they had a similar effect. Two times through the round I asked over general comms for Zewaka to tone it down with the music and explained it was freezing my game every time a song was played. I'm not sure if the first time was responded to, my pc had crashed shortly after, but after the second time asking, Zewaka gave what felt to me like a kind of snarky, dismissive, and rude response explaining how turning music volume to zero worked and that the songs wouldn't be heard that way, and it felt dismissive because it seemed to me to ignore the problem of the songs freezing the game and sweep to the side the concerns I had with the music being played.
Logs: I couldn't get any logs since my game closed itself after the round ended.
Extra Information: I have nothing else to add related to the event.
fwiw if you set the volume to 0, the game simply doesn't download the song, hopefully negating any lag
Yeah, like I said, if you set the volume to zero no song gets played to you and therefore there's no lag...
Oh. I didn't think setting it zero stopped the download, knowing that now I would like to apologize for making this complaint and would like to retract it. Sorry for the inconvenience!
All's good!

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