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Feedback on Nuke Round RP1
Excellent job, Mr. Bill. It is a rare treat to see nuclear mode on RP1.

I would just like to say that it is appreciated that you still let me play in the event even after getting killed as a roboticist due to random Ion Canon fire. You could've easily just gone away with having that one person die, but you took effort to get me back into the game in some way. Again, this is very much appreciated, and I thank you for going out of your way to do this.

Hope to see you again on RP1!
I was in that round too but on the nuclear side! When I saw the message for NTSO Weimair getting sent in before we were even on the station, I had a little laugh because I've only ever seen you in Construction Worker and scientist, I think! I hope you had fun! I hear you on the crew all had some good moments; I was the last person on my team to make it to the ship, so I missed out, but we had some highlights too, including fluke-ops level goofs (but I think those added more to the round). And of course, Bill's nuke music selection is great. It was a good round, thank you again to Bill and Flourish for being online for that!

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