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[MERGED PR] Removes the Construction Worker job, moves tools into QM Crate
Already changed my previous post there, but by the way Material Shaper = Window Planner. Material Shaper is old name for Window Planner (and the code still uses that old name). Might want to update your posts if you thought the Material Shaper and Window Planner were different things or something.
Remember this PR? I was hoping you did since it's stickied. Construction Worker's removed from the regular job rotation, and some of their tools are now in a QM crate priced at 8k. That includes their material shaper, the mini lamp manufacturer, and floor and wall planner (and the cute overalls) , but not the RCDD (PR author argued it was too powerful to include) or visualizer (PR author couldn't figure out how to code a version without the ability to see invisible things).

I'm sure some of you are dismayed your opinions in this thread were seemingly disregarded. That's a valid sentiment. If it helps, they weren't disregarded out of malice. Polls like this can be useful for understanding how a certain group of players feels about something, but they're just one of the ways devs get information about the game. Devs also watch player conversations in-game and out-of-game (whether in OOC, forums, or Discord), conduct play-tests (private and public), and just simply play or observe normal play, and these can often reveal much more than polls do. I'm not trying to say polls are useless, but I do want people to recognize that the effect on the direction of the game is limited, and devs can disregard them if they feel other sources of feedback tell otherwise.

Speaking of polls, I do want to establish the one I did in this thread was done on my own volition, for the purposes of gathering information, rather than something ordained on behalf of a dev or group of devs. It is something I ought to have established beforehand, and I'm sorry for that.

Moving on to a more positive note, I do want to highlight that the role is still open to being back into rotation, in the same way things like AI displays, the ancient Welder antag, pathology, and many other things, big and small, were removed on the basis that someone in the future would rework them. I highly recommend participating in Nefarious6th's thread if you want to discuss ideas on how to rework the job. To be clear, they are not doing this on the behalf of me or admins in general, but it is a thoughtful thread that I support nonetheless.

In addition, Tarmunora has recently added a special RCD for the CE that has the same functions as the RCD deluxe but without the modified matter unit costs. If you miss that part of the Construction Worker job, you can still get it through that tool.

Finally, some of you have probably heard of some conflict between the dev who merged this PR (Tarmunora) and another dev who disagreed with this PR and instead wanted it closed and later reverted the change and then went back on the revert (Zamujasa). Without going into too much detail since it is a somewhat private matter, the two have reconciled now, and while they do have some difference in opinions, there is no bad blood between them.  

That's about it. I hope we can all continue be polite, respectful, and understanding. I was deeply saddened when another admin described how several players harassed them about a PR that was closed, even though they had simply offered their own personal opinion about the set of changes with no claim of representing the entire admin team and had no part in the PR being closed. Hopefully we don't have people doing that again, to anyone, admin or not.

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