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Nil Souhel's HoS Application
Usual character name: Nil Souhel | BEEP/BOOP (Silicon)
BYOND username: Nihisohel
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Nihisohel?#7720
Recommended by (if applicable): N/A I think
Goon servers you play: Primarily Main, Overflow, and rarely RP

Reason for application: My application stems from Three Reasons.
First Reason, Security is often yelled at being "too useless" or "fun police" despite doing their job properly.
Second Reason, the First Reason is mostly due to the innate reputation that most players have of Security and its due to the fact that most Secoffs lack a solid leader to look upon for guidance.
Third Reason, I'd like to be that leader to prevent toxicity within and outside the department as best as possible and to remind both Sec and Non-Sec that behind every playername is a Human that likes to have fun and that we Secoffs should have fun too.

Security experience :
Honestly, I have no idea where to start and how to properly interpret this in a none awkwardish way.
Speaking the truth, I've only recently started playing Goonstation this year but I have knowledge of basic "Security Etiquette" from other games I play that incorporates Security similar to SS13. So I at least have a fair knowledge of what I am doing.

Primarily, most of my experiences of growing my knowledge of Goonstation and Security came from the Nightshade Servers which may turn people off and instantly post a -1 rec but I digress.
I don't have proper reasons as to why I joined Security in the first place but it felt right to me and I seeked to learn more everyday.

Security felt like a wild ride for me, all the way from the beginning and now, every round felt different and I met plenty of players with vastly different or very similar playstyles to one another. The further I ventured, the more I thought to myself, "Hey, is there really a proper way to play security? Should I aspire to win, or aspire to make things interesting for the round?" 
I never really found a conclusive answer, each and every Security Officer thinks differently but I've reached the conclusion where as long as we keep the fun of playing the game for others, it is what it means to properly play Security.

Although, I say that, to me, there is a proper etiquette to observe while playing Security, and its to always treat players fairly and to use the power we are granted with properly. This means that we should always use the equipment given to us properly and to never exchange it for something better, nobody really wants to see a Secoff rushing into cargo/armory for an unnecessary upgrade.
Security is meant to be a role to support the Station, not throw it away and misuse it. Our Stun batons and tasers are plenty enough, hell more than enough as flashes can do the job just by itself.

That being said, I do want the red beret in order for me to better keep Security, primarily in main, very much in line. I'm tired of seeing Security Officers thinking that Staffies insulting their mother warrants a beatdown and 5 minute brig time. Hopefully, my presence of being HoS can also convince aspiring Secoffs to learn from others and to remember the fact that this is just a game, and not a 4chan thread incarnated into a game.

What advice would you give to other sec players?
  1. Firstly, don't primarily play security as a means to 'win' against the Antagonist. Security should play a role in making the game interesting for us. Don't just resort to an execution of a Changeling when its only been 5 minutes into the round. Spacing them can be an option and can lead to a very interesting interaction if they do manage to come back. Keeps things fair and proper!

  2. Secondly, communicate with your mates and the rest of the crew. A lack of communication with your mates will most likely make you look like a hardass and we don't want that, Security is a social role and we need to show it. Besides, talking can be fun.

  3. Violence is isn't always the answer. See a rampager? Yeah, make sure that the first thought in your head is to detain him, not kill him but never take him down alone, call for backup, don't be a hero. 

  4. Remember that Space law is a guideline, not an actual rulebook. Use your best intuition. See a fight happening and can't tell who is in the wrong here? Give them a talk, don't just stun one or the other.

  5. Punish properly and intuitively. A simple brigging isn't necessarily the answer, giving a person a talk, having them reconcile with the assailant, or giving them a ticket can be other ways of punishment. Tickets by itself can be mildly amusing and toilet swirlies can make for an interesting punishment, besides, its boring to sit in the brig for 5 minutes.

  6. Remember that all of us wants to have fun. Be sure to show it, but don't take things too lightly either. Being a Secoff doesn't give you the privilege of having the fun all to yourself. Interact with the crew and with your colleagues, don't just immediately arrest somebody for trying an interesting gimmick, again, use your intuition!

  7. Dress to impress! Show your fellow crewmates that you are a person too! A well fitted Secoff can really help distinguish yourself from one another. Who knows, maybe people can come to recognize, fear, and rejoice at the sight of you?
What was one of your favorite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players?
  • I would like for more ways to be able to punish specialized Antags like the ability to safely bleed the vampires blood dry without killing it or the ability to forcibly revert a werewolf back to a human permanently. If not, I would like for a way for Security to announce and elevate Security levels depending on the stations situation.

Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer.
  • My Solo Playstyle of Security isn't really that different to a Full team.
    My Solo Playstyle of Security gives me more legwork when it comes to dealing with Antagonists and it also gives me incentive of talking in Comms about random shit, its fun.
    A Full team however is different, I tend to reprimand Secoffs and always have to ask why one is being brigged or punished and I always felt like I had to babysit for their lives, that isn't to say they aren't usually reliable.

Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13.

Roses are red,
HoS is in town,
What the fuck is that? 

What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run?

>Be me, Head of Security
>Trade my Egun for my Lawbringer
>Notice Clownman being harassed by the Station
>Idea pops up
>Decide to mech scan Lawbringer and facilitate every Reverse-engineered item
>Distribute Lawbringers linked to myself to everybody on the station, including Security
>Make sure its all on Clownshot
>Prepare a personal Lawbringer for the Clown
>Say to Clownman "Hey, go wild with this, people are out with blood."
>Watch as madness ensues.
>mfw somebody emags a Lawbringer
>mfw I get betrayed

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will):
I've yet to be banned and if I do get banned, I would probably guess who I insulted with poop recently
I've played with nil alot on both the nightshade and goon overflow servers and they have been an all around pleasure to play with. They know their shit and have a good attitude when dealing with these things and would make an excellent HoS. Definite +1 for me!
+1, nil is always a good sec officer when i see him on. he handles situations fairly smoothly, and has the patience it takes to deal with how chaotic things can get. give beret
Nil is one of those officers you find once in a while who you don't ever tell to apply for HoS, because you naturally assume they already are one, and you've just not played with them anymore. Despite playing only a single round with them on overflow, I feel I can safely say that Nil is HoS material. Great communication, good knowledge, and I don't know how to describe it other than a general good feeling about the guy. This plus interactions I've had with them over discord and the promising application means I feel I can safely give this application a +1, and won't be disappointed once they get the beret. Once more, surprised he's not already a HoS, beret this nerd already, fat +1.
I've had Nil on my team plenty of times, and while I haven't personally witnessed any breathtaking feats of valour, I also haven't had any issues with him (apart from his atrocious fashion sense but I hope they'll come to their senses eventually) and his atitude is one befitting of a HoS I think. Some more playtime under his belt would be appreciated but that can always come in time

So yeah, +1
It's been a while since I played on a security team with Nil. I did have the great opportunity to observe a few rounds with him last week. He spent one whole round on Main mentoring a player that was, frankly, a little green to SS13 on the whole. But I saw an entire training rundown happen, and he handled teaching that player not just Sec controls, but some game controls, with great patience and depth. That was the moment for me where it was like "okay, I know Nil's interested in being HoS, he's pretty robust, and here he is taking the time to teach someone in a way that's at just the right level, but really thorough." I played the next round as "Detective" Peaches the cyborg with him and the rest of the team, in a round where lots of moving parts were resolved relatively quickly and with good communication.

I think Carb maybe gets at something about a little more experience, but it honestly isn't really a bother to me. Nil's a fast learner. That same round that he was teaching had an NTSO that gave him some instruction, and he took it to heart and incorporated it right away. I also think Nil's really fair in his punishments, considering how out-of-hand some rounds on Main can get.

Only downside I can think of is that I'm not entirely sold on the prisoner outfit as secoff fashion; the orange is just so...bold... (I'm kidding!)

+1; it's really nice to see you apply for HoS after having played on Nightshade with you :> I think it's really neat that you went into mostly playing Security on Main.
Whenever I see Nil on the sec team I feel safe knowing there is atleast one secoff that really knows what he's doing. He not only does his best to treat everyone fairly, he clearly knows how to to throw the fuck down when shit hits the fan, and the fact he just stands out in general with his normal look are all good HoS qualities.So in the end, I give him a +1

PS: I'm still pissed at you for that changling round
Everything from Discord to this app to the consistent approval from other people, HoS and non-HoS, has always been positive when I've seen it, and I'd wager they more than know their stuff for sec. +1 from me.
Yeah, Nil's a fair, trustworthy and fun to interact with secoff and I'm positive he'll do very well as Head of Security

+1 from me
Given their security performance, I'd always assumed that Nil had been around for ages.  +1 from me.
Played with Nil from time to time, from what I've seen of him, he's a fine SECOFF.

His brig times were pretty low, not a problem at all, his choice.
Otherwise, didn't stand out one way or the other.

I wouldn't have supported this due to lack of personal experience with him but the application itself is very well written.
+1 from me.
negatives of being orange security include:

people hating my fashion sense
people calling me HoS
people calling me not sec
people calling me orange sec

Nil's been very solid sec from what I've seen. Great fashion taste too! Give 'em the beret.
Nil's a good nerd who has been a great Sec presence on main. I've had fun harassing him and he definitely knows how to make a shift fun for everyone, without being overbearing as Sec. It'd be cool to see him wearing the red beret instead of that silly orange one! +1 from me
From the short time I've been back, I've already started recognizing him as quality orange-sec.

Definitely has HoS qualities and personally I feel like they would be good mentor material as well.

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