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The Alien
This is a story about a scared alien, told from the perspective of John Nut. He was head of security during the incident, and was cloned shortly after the shuttle arrived at central command. 

Started like any other shift, really. Mining's explosions caused panic over the radio, 30 person line at HOP, the usual. I did get my promotion near the start of the shift. Got my fancy ID, fancy hat, the whole set. Then this officer took this guy in, named Avery Grey. He was acting... weird. Was asking who we were, who he was. We talked to him for a bit, and he confessed to being non-human. In a vague way. So, I set myself up to watch over him, keep him outa trouble.

He kept saying that he needed to "learn", and asking people how knowledgeable they were. Now, combined with the fact that he is acting weird as all hell, and the fact that he was scared shitless, it didn't add up well.

All of security knew he wasn't human. They saw him as a threat, and wanted him gone, captain too. I didn't want any of it. He's just a misunderstood amnesiac, he said that he wanted to be friends. A while later, I was telling him about laws. Stealing, murder, self defense, stuff like that. He said people attacked him over laws with "shocky sticks", and I pulled out my stun baton to confirm. He ran like hell when he saw it.

Later, someone apparently saw and attacked him, which resulted in me being called. Avery Grey, now in space, was now putting a man in a chokehold, sucking up his fluids. I hurried up and got my suit on, and ran outside. The man was long gone. Avery said they weren't dead. I didn't believe them. Even after changing faces to match the man, I did not believe them. Even after he spoke in his voice, I did not believe them. Hes dead. I saw him die with my own eyes. I told Avery that i was going to place him into custody, and we fought.

I didn't win.

He took my own handcuffs and locked my arms together, took my ID and went to security, me at his mercy. He walked in, said something about me being a criminal, and my officers freaked out. After a few minutes he was tazed and placed into our port-a-brig. Captain was called, and they unanimously agreed to kill him via the crematorium. I protested. 

Breaking out of my cuffs, I followed them to the crematorium. It was pretty packed. All the while, Avery was... begging, for mercy. Pleading.

"I don't want to die, John."

And as they were opening the crematorium... somehow he got out. Running out of the crematorium, dodging our batons and tazers. Chaos ensues as we chase him, and quickly lose him as he dives into space. All hell has broken loose.

All of security is panicking, and I called a meeting with the captain along with the rest of the heads of staff. We discuss whether we should open the armory, lock down the station, place wanted posters, et cetera. Meeting ends 7 minutes later. 

I go down to security entrance and call for the officers so we can open the armory.


No response. I call again to no avail. A staff assistant enters behind me, and because of my panic, I don't notice. I check my PDA messages, and see a that all five of my officers have died in the last 8 minutes. I feel drowsy, suddenly. My vision fades. In my ear, I hear a familiar voice.

"I thought we were friends, John."


I don't want to think about this ever again. Please, god. Let me forget. Let me forget about what I failed to stop.
Hey! I was here for that! Probably the best thing i've ever been part of on RP. Great write up! Do you know who played the 'ling?
(11-25-2020, 02:15 PM)data_err0r Wrote: Hey! I was here for that! Probably the best thing i've ever been part of on RP. Great write up! Do you know who played the 'ling?

Yes, they go by the username "fluidhelix"
Oh, I assumed you were John since it was his perspective lol
(11-30-2020, 04:17 PM)data_err0r Wrote: Oh, I assumed you were John since it was his perspective lol

That would be me.

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