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Jest lives matter
Hi, i am Jester and i got banned i would like to make an unban appeal.

Who banned you?: I dont know.
Byond Key: Jester293
Discord Username: Jester#7303
Date of Ban: 2020.10.16.
Specified Reason for Ban:  I said the word "f*ggot" , i was just trying to roleplay myself being really damn angry, and i forgot i shouldnt write that word, i am pretty damn offensive when i am angry and i tried to imitate that in the chat. I didnt really meant to offend anyone for real.
Ban Length: 90 days.
What led to the ban?: Me saying what i said most likely
Why am I appealing?:  Because this is the only server that i find playable, controlwise, and mentality wise. Things are simple and not too serious.
Which rule did you break?: General rules no.4 and roleplay rules no.1
Evasion Attempts: I didnt try to dodge the ban, i will try to make and appeal here to get it removed.

I'm not the banning admin, but I gotta ask. Why did you think that this was a defense that would work? I mean you sited the RP rule #1 which states:

"Do not use roleplay as an excuse for rulebreaking behavior, such as bigoted language or sexual content. No, your character doesn’t get a free pass to be racist just because you’re trying to roleplay as a racist."

But in your ban appeal you try to defend yourself by using an argument that is given as an example for what will get you banned.
Bonus points for taking the name of a movement about an entire group of people who are tired of being oppressed and murdered in real life, and going 'ah, yes, this is exactly the same as me not being able to play a video game i want to play. This is a perfect comparison.'
Lol you act like this is some serious trial at a court. Man fuck this time to find another server. Loser admins always act like they are some serious judges at a court.

While i am at it, fuck the BLM hatemovement.
Goodbye forever.
good ban

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