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Feedback Super Rad Event
Emily threw a super rad event last night and I just wanted to gush about it a lil.     I'm AI, get my borg going and come out to see people  battling monkeys.  Goddamn angry monkeys  just taking over the station.  Me and another borg were like "oh hey, you know who doesn't take punch damage?  Borgs".... and that's when the true plot was revealed.... MONKEY SYNDIES had planted a nuke.  These fully armed and armored Syndie Monkeys which are now canon don't @ me took most the crew to overtake.  

We got ourselves through and ... another NUKE?!     

Me and another borg noticed that monkey's didn't care about us, and we started beating the second nuke.  It was then that one of the monkeys very much cared about us, shot light borg down and I got out and healed. 

Crew takes down the nuke.... it's time to go home.  

Only syke cause here come monkeys rushing the door.

"Hahaha" the Captain says "Bolt the doors AI, and our problems are solved".    She was a fool.

For these were player controlled monkeys and they would not be denied.  

As they came through the windows the crew fought valiantly, and I healed as I could, but we still lost a couple more.

Five stars.

But what's this?   The next round people are going back in time.   That's a lil weird but I can cope.

I get to setting up the engine as a borgo cause the lights are going out.
Just doing my thing, no one asking for anything over the comms.  Just battling some zombie it looks like.  Get it all done, head to the bridge.... zombie bodies everywhere. Got warped back in time as the shuttle arrived.... accually is lava planet.   Went home, or so we thought... like FOOLS... we were on the lava planet.   

It is there we died. 

The event was so well done.   This was no mere "push buttan".  It was curated, timed, and executed with an excellent understanding of the flow of an event round.   She reacted as things came up but always kept it fair when it came to people finding creative solutions.   One of the funnest events I've been a part of and I wanted to leave some really good feedback.

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