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Retrino's Mentor App (god i hope i did this right)
Usual character name: Neo Xzilon/Matcha Usucha
BYOND username: Retrino
Discord username (if you are on our discord): Retrino
Recommended by (if applicable): --
Goon servers you play: Goon 2 and 4, veeeery very rarely 1

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): So, I’ve had the idea to apply for a while, but have usually been on the fence about it. This is because I’ve always seen helping players out as something anyone can do, regardless of whether or not they were a mentor. That’s what I’ve done the majority of my time on goon. With more recent tides, it’s become more apparent to me that the traditional one-on-one teaching methods sort of get… disregarded, in a sense. Not that people don’t still help out newbies, but it’s a lot harder when you have twenty other people running through your department, or even a new person who is afraid to ask. 

For a long time I didn’t want to apply because I felt I could do enough where I stood. As of recently though, because of the large flood of people, I feel like stepping up to a mentor role could really help reach out to people easier. A purple mouse in your pocket is a much greater teacher, after all. 

Started back in October 2019, so I’m coming up on a year now. In that span of time I’ve changed my perspective on a lot of things, learned a ton, and met some really cool people. I’d love to be a person people can say inspired them. That may be too dramatic of phrasing, but you get what I mean. My time is mostly spent refining things or exploring smaller areas, but I think I could be more useful. So, uh, here I am.

As for my game knowledge, I enjoy almost every department. I don’t have a specific main, but running the engine, exploring art/telesci, making droopy cake in the kitchen, trying to save a person on -578 health in med, or even growing different fruits in botany are all enjoyable to me. I’d like to say I’m fairly knowledgeable on them as well. A couple of things I still don’t have a full grasp on involve dwaine and some bits of mining, but otherwise I’m pretty confident in whatever department I’m thrown in. There is also a range of non-specific job info I can offer. Overall, I feel like I could answer most questions thrown my way in any stage of a player’s assimilation into goon culture. Hopefully through being a mentor, I can also learn some stuffs to pass on to the new generation of players.

Anyway, sorry for rambling, and if you took the time to read this, thank ya. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear em

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): Few warnings here and there, but no bans
Neo knows their stuff, and would be a good fit for the team. Give 'em the purple
Well shoot had I known you were gonna throw up an app I woulda told ya to add me as a recc!

Retrino is a very knowledgeable nerd and someone who has stuck in my mind rather well despite my on and offness over the last year, so much so I thought they were a 2016 nerd :p

Retrino also manages to get along well with almost anyone from what I've seen and has definitely helped out a number of people in learning whatever department they're in during a given round.

+1 from me, Retrino is a good nerd to be mentor and I think would do very well!
A big +1 to the helpful person with the distinctive name
Definitely a +1 from me even if we play on different servers now ;-;

Goes out of their way to help teach people, even managing to help ghosts point in the direction of their body/Borg brain!
Had a lot of run-ins with Neo Xzilon. Short tempered, Angry, MEAN.
That said very charming, humorous and has learned the jobs quickly.
I was under the impression he was a veteran of SS13.

Always lent a helping hand to others as I've seen him around.
Frequently seen him with new players in tow either in his department or around the station as he instructs them.
In contrast to my own experience with him, he is often kind and patient with them, seemingly excited to learn new things with others.

Retrino helps a lot and I was surprised they weren't mentor already.
Fat +1 from me, great person, fun to play with, and extremely knowledgeable. Seen them helping people around the station before, and if they were a mentor, it'd be a huge help, especially now, during a tide. Purple this nerd already.
I've bumped into Neo Xzilon a lot in my playtime, and they've always been great fun to play with. Personable and knowledgeable, and they've taught me a few things too! I haven't gotten to play with them much lately because of the different server thing, but I think they'd be a good fit for mentorship!
Yep, Neo's definetly a fun and helpful person. Haven't seen you ingame for a while, probably due to timezone difference, but all of my interactions with Retrino were positive. Good purp material, give em purp
A good bean to make purple

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