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Ban appeal for jewbiscuit69#0824 banned by unknown
My IRC/Discord Username: jewbiscuit69#0824
Date and time of the ban: many months ago
Who banned me: unknown
Message given in the kick, if present: unknown
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I was banned almost immediately after joining (to my recollection). Never said anything in the Discord.
Why I should be unbanned: I'm assuming it's either a username problem, or something related to IP/evasion issues (I'm not evading a ban). If it's because of my username, I understand how it could be taken as offensive. It's a reference to a type of Dutch cookie (a "jodenkoek"), so that wasn't my intent. If that's the issue, I would change my server name to something normal ASAP if you grant me access.
Anyone? Should I perhaps add more detail to some part of the appeal?
Heya, sorry for the wait. Discord's log of bans doesn't give me much more detail than ban reason, the general server Discord administration logs strangely don't seem to stretch very far, and this ban seems to predate our own system we made for recording bans, so it's been somewhat difficult to find the circumstances leading up to the ban. That's partially the reason for the delay.

Anyways, as you suspected, you got banned for the username "jewbiscuit69". This is a rather questionable name, especially out of context, and you seem to understand why fairly well.

You're unbanned now from our Discord now. We'd rather you join it under an different name.
Hey, thanks smile Is it OK if I join with the jewbiscuit account, but change my server display name to something normal?
We'd really rather you used a different name. Here's exactly what will happen if you use the existing one.

1) It takes a little time, but eventually someone notices your key. Timeline diverges here.
2A) We get an endless parade of 'uhhh this guy's key seems Suspect????' and we have to have fifty thousand conversations about Dutch cookies, which - i mean, given what year it is, conversing about cookies actually seems kind of cool, but I'm sure it would get tiring around the fiftieth time or so.
2B) Someone who's secretly a shitass sees it, notices you haven't been goned, and decides that means it's cool to post Stormfront memes. Pass.

Please, for the love of all that's holy, use a different discord account. It will make our lives easier. The easier our lives are, the less grumpy we are.
OK, I changed my name to a different type of Dutch cookie so we can still talk about cookies smile

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