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Ban for name
Who banned you?: - mrfishstick
Byond Key: -  1NC06Nl70
Date of Ban: - Today
Specified Reason for Ban: - Reason: Stephen Paddock is a pretty creative character name, now please fuck off and never connect to these servers again you fucking psychopath.

Banned By: mrfishstick
This ban applies to all servers.
(This is a permanent ban).
If you believe you were unjustly banned, head to the forums and post an appeal. 
Ban Length: - (This is a permanent ban).
What led to the ban?: - Just tryin to join this server whats become my favorite around each other, and see this absurd.
Why am I appealing?: - Becose this server is my favorite, only on this server i want to play. I will change my  character's name.
Which rule did you break?: - 5 -Do not name your character after political or controversial figures.
Evasion Attempts: - No
I see that you have failed to follow the instructions provided in your ban and have not actually fucked off forever. You seem to know exactly what you did and God knows why you did it but I have zero interest in seeing you ever play on these servers again.

I’m glad you feel this situation is “absurd” and are willing to admit that a mass shooter could be seen as a “controversial figure”. Seeing as you made no actual even token effort to explain what exactly is so broken in your brain that thought this was a good idea in the first place I am going to stick with my original assumption that you are in fact, a fucking psychopath and for the good of our community should be kept far, far away.

You can maybe try and appeal this again in a year or something but you’re going to need to write one hell of an appeal to get this lifted even then.

In the meantime, and I do deeply and genuinely mean this:

Fuck Off.
Hear you dog fucking, if your fuckin family was fuckin shot in this fucking shooting,  fuck you fuckin bitch. Fuck it's not my fucking problem if they're was in that crowd of scum. fucking bitch better unban me. And after unban,  YOU better fuck off if you don't want something happen, you better fucking unban. Better believe me if you don't want something happen.

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