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A few HoS suggestions
I have a few suggestions on ways to possibly improve the experience of being a Head of Security, maybe.  Theoretically.  I figure I'd make them.

1.  Enable the promotion mechanic for whitelisted security officers.

Sometime in the past year or so, the promotion mechanic was added.  The way it works is if no head of a department (so Captain and HoP are excluded) is chosen by the game at roundstart, it picks someone who was chosen as a member of the department who does not have that head role on unwanted and makes them said head.  If you were playing before this was added you may have noticed that rev rounds tend to have more heads than just the captain at low and midpop.
I feel like allowing HoS promotions for HoS whitelisted players would be a good idea.  If I roll security officer and no one rolled HoS, we're down an HoS we could have had.  Sometimes one joins, but it's not common.  It would also let me put HoS on a lower priority so on rounds with more experienced HoS players playing they'd likely get a better shot than me at getting HoS.

2.  Have the HoS start with the lawbringer.  Naturally, you would also remove the lawbringer as a job reward as well as the egun from the HoS's locker.

When I latejoin as HoS, it's kind of a crapshoot as to whether or not some packet nerd has already stolen the locker and everything in it.  It's also a bit annoying to claim a job reward every single game.  I think this has been suggested before and there were reasons against doing this, but I don't remember what they were.

3.  Give the HoS more access by default.

Yes, the HoS can add access to their card themselves.  It involves making a new id that can use the id computers, which is rather insecure, or trusting the HoP to not just hit "Captain" and wipe your HoS access, which is not something you can count on.  You don't need to give the HoS all-access by default, but I think having access to all areas of the station other than the other heads' quarters by default would be a good idea.  Especially mechanics.  Just a time-saving idea.  Honestly you could probably extend this to the HoP as well.
also make the lawbringer fingerprint based and not voice based
What would that fingerprint to voice based change - truly change?

A changeling gets both voice and fingerprint,...
And so does someone with stable
HoS on RP has AA already. Secoffs on RP actually have more access as well. I don't see a good reason to not move this over to main.

I've wanted the promotion mechanic for ages. If I put HoS on medium priority, I can't have anything else there unless I want to roll HoS.

the lawbringer is fingerprint and voice based. It locks in your fingerprints the first time you touch it after swapping it in. I strongly believe the HoS's starting taser(yes, starting taser) should be swapped with their egun/a lawbringer. It'll cut down on HoS gun terror. For example on Manta, the HoS has a sec token, a taser, an egun and a taser shotgun.

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