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Make the uplink nukies can buy a utility credit instead of a loadout one.
It's not remotely worth ditching your main weapons and armor for except maybe for the C-Saber, and I'm not sure that should even be on the nuke uplink.
If it's made a utility cred it should seriously be limited then on what you can buy IMO. As it stand the nukie loadouts and gear is extremely powerful and it's bad enough that nukies keep getting more and more while the station gets less and less, and nukies having access to normal weapons on top of their loadouts is just going to be busted.
So is this like all...? Doesn't feel like this suggestion's very well thought-out....Like, the nukie loadouts were all designed and balanced around the opportunity cost of 12 TC, i.e. a class crate would have to be equal or greater in power to whatever 12TC of equipment on a generic, semi-restricted uplink would get you. So, I'm just saying, it might not be a good idea to suddenly reverse that whole thing and give them ability to have it anyways. And I feel like they would get the uplink, for I think it outshines fanny pack, two rockets, and other items of the category. That's not getting into all the potentially unbalanced combos, like infilitrator with their cloaking device getting a c-saber.

To me, uplink's the "sacrifice firepower for useful stuff" option, like how medic's "sacrifice firepower for good medical supplies". So I think maybe instead it should lean into that by having lots of useful stuff . Maybe some all-job items should be buyable in nuke (looking at you, surplus crate). Or it could get unique items. To spitball some ideas: armor that gives nuke more health and a weak turret, machine that converts an operative into a syndicate cyborg with options for extra weapons if you spend the TC, disguise kit that also adds you to crew manifest, or a fake bomb that makes a fake announcement.
The fact that the first two replies are against this for opposite reasons is interesting.
Yeah the thing I miss most about the buyable uplink is the fact that you cannot spend 12 TC on a surplus crate. Surplus Nukies was always a blast.
Nukies could never buy the surplus crate, it was always admin intervention only.
And that was still always a blast.

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