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Buffing the gunbot respawn antag
Aurora mk2 belt is honestly shit for combat and only practical for CQC, so the gun bot wouldn't have much use for it tbqh.

Also they can straight up shoot down doors and windows if they really need to get somewhere.
So far most of the complaints seem to be 'they are very weak to sec gear' (which is a fair point), but all the proposed fixes seem to be along the line of 'make them more lethal' (which doesn't particularly fix that problem and mostly exacerbates the issue of SS13 combat being entirely based around who gets the first shot in). Are they particularly vulnerable to anything that a random assistant could get their hands on, or is it mostly just flashes and tazers that they can't handle?
How about this - major debuff when standing on water puddles (since they are strange robots) and a buff to their guns?

Make the crew fight them by changing the environment.
Make the gunbots stronger by giving their weapons a boost.

+ Guns
- Water vulerability
Do flashes count as sec gear? Because if you flash one of the gunborgs they are dead in the water for half a minute and anyone can just beat them to death.
Maybe like, flashes stop working way faster from their brains resetting or something
Thinking more I feel like just fixing critter stuns so a single hit doesn't completely stop them for 30 seconds would do a lot. Right now one hit from anything that does disorient or stun on any critter always does the maximum time possible
#22 about when a stun with a flash is applied a mini-game is triggered?

Transluscent arrows appear over ones head (like 4) and you have to press their directional input to orient yourself again.
I've been looking at the code and critters don't even seem to have anything related to stamina so I'm drawing a blank as to why they get instantly nuked out. Neither humans or critters really touch stamina from what I have seen.
should all be in :


critters getting a consistent 30s stun not intended - they're supposed to use the exact same stun procedure as humans. Possibly a new regression OR some old mob critter functionality that we missed is conflicting with the new stuff
Also - after battling two of them lately; damn they stronk.
long stuns from tasers are an issue with bullet_act - fix is pushed

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