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Remove gang from rotation entirely
I like gangs because it gives people the CHOICE of if they want to join the gangs or not. Every other round its either you are or you arent a bad guy but in gang rounds you can choose for yourself. I think thats neat.
Yeah it's not really a problem if you manage to make it not a license to grief in any way you want, which is actually possible.
I think the gang turf has to be a lot more tangible and meaningful. The area you can have should be capped and it shouldn't be a high cap, something like 3-5 adjacent areas. The longer you hold on to your turf and defend it the more points those areas will generate. Opposing gangs can launch attacks on other gang's turfs to deny points from them and to kill/capture their members.

Now you have a set area that is worthy to defend and you have a job to go attack the other gangs to prevent them from getting points and/or kill/capture them. Maybe you'll find it's worth while to build up defenses, barricades, secret doors for quick access to defend etc.

The tags would need to be changed though. I think making the tags large and multi tile would be ideal. The way to deny the turf of an enemy gang and stop it from generating points and maybe resetting the point generation would be to deface the tag. This would need tagging and defacing to be made into a longer process though, but multiple people could work on different parts of the multi tile tags. Reclaiming the turf would just be tagging all the tiles of it again or abandoning it for a new area.

To further encourage conflict the gang lockers should give immidiate rewards for bringing opposing gang's uniform to it (like just the suit), meaning you killed him or stripped him. For some crew involvement implement hits or kidnapping jobs that ALL the gangs can go after at the same time. Have them fight over the corpse or a kidnappee to get a substantial reward. Maybe even give gangers a pinpointer to the hit/kidnapping targets as part of their gang loadout. This will also get sec more involved.

This all does need a few changes. Since the turf of gangs is now so precious as it generates points all the time at an increasing rate, bomb making should be removed from gangers. Small explosives I could see working, but TTVs would be pretty shit. And yes, gang uniforms mandatory at all times.

Might need some work like stopping gangs from just walling off the tags etc, but I feel like the secret to fun gang is to make the turf and the act of defending/attacking it the focal point, not just mindless spreading out and stealing areas where you seldom even run into the other gangers.

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