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Name: Reisyn Hell
Neglects to recognise her last name, it was just something to add on as a pun. Technically doesn't have a last name.

Image(s): [Image: vcFO6Ly.png]

Physical Description:
Age: 29
Blood type: O-
Build: Average
Clone Count: Countless times, she's been around for a long while
Disabilities: None
Distinguishing Features: Short, curly seaweed coloured hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Seaweed colour, originally a brunette
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 71kg

Personal Information:
Alias: Reisyn, Reisen, Reis, Rei
Pronunciation: Ray-Zin
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Australia
Biological Sex: Female
Current Residence: Lives from station to station, if she's not working, she's in cryostasis. Doesn't have anything but station-life.
Economic Status: Poor
Education: Almost nothing, made it through high school at least.
Habits: Rolls her eyes a bit, has a habit of smirking when in trouble or causing it. Apologises unnecessarily. Always looking for an escape route. Actively seeks out a gas mask to cover her face, feels exposed and vulnerable without one.
Hobbies: Likes to tinker with things.
Marital Status: Single
Nanotrasen Loyalty Index: 30%, she doesn't seem to care for Nanotrasen so much unless it benefits her to do so.
Occupation: In her haydays of station-life, she was primarily a roboticist. These days it varies between all jobs! A jack of all trades.
Personality Traits: Possessive, Selflessness, Stubborn, Loyal, Resourceful, Jealous, Paranoid, Protective, Unwavering, Self Destructive.
Previous Occupations: Prior to working at Nanotrasen, she had no occupation.
Religion: Apatheism
Zodiac: Virgo

Supplementary Information:
Admires: Competency, people she can rely on, confidence, strength, determined people, people that take a no nonsense attitude or put their foot down with her when she's being stubborn or self destructive.
Likes: Having a one on one conversation, talking about personal things. She likes to learn about people and get to know them. She likes to be solitary mostly, unless she's with someone she's fond of. Cheeky people are a soft spot for her, as she has a lot of cheekiness to her too, but only if she knows them well enough. Likes to cause a little bit of chaos every now and then.
Dislikes: People trying to restrict her, whether its shutting down what she's doing or plans to do. Severely dislikes people who are clingy, especially to people she feels close to, not a big fan of those who are unwarranted douche bags to others. 
Fears: Deathly afraid of people who are good at what they do in a scary way (actually a good story for this), that she's too much at times or is overbearing, afraid of losing or pushing the people she cares for because of things she might have caused. Not being good enough for someone.
Favourite Drink: A good ol' vanilla milkshake
Favourite Animal: Bumblespiders
Favourite Colour: Seaweed
Favourite Book: Dark Intelligence by Neal Asher
Favourite Film: Treasure Planet
Favourite Scent: Rain
Favourite Food: Cakes
Favourite Plant: Bonsai Trees
Favourite Chemical: Serotonin
Favourite Star: Sirius

Medical Records:
Has a small tendency to drink or consume drugs with reckless abandon for her own health when severely depressed. 

Security Records:
Usually cooperative, doesn't like being disturbed, will generally leave you alone if you leave her alone. 

Started out as a stowaway on a shuttle bound for Central Command from Earth, she was able to talk her way into getting hired by Nanotrasen and learned the ropes on the go, had a name change and requested her hair colour be changed to that of seaweed so that she may always have something personal with her wherever she went as she brought no belongings save the clothes on her back. Doesn't remember much of her life on Earth. Found her calling working with robots and mechs, worked with a great many people, made friends, loved and lost. Recently awoken from a great slumber to find a lot has changed since the last time she was on a station and finding it enjoyable having to learn new technologies and methods.

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