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What is Ass Day?
What is ass day and when is it? It sounds like a fun event but I have never heard about it till now, can I have an explanation? I'm so confused lol.
Special event where almost any code contribution is accepted, including maps, and often featuring the Ass Day gamemode, where everybody is a traitor. It runs on the 13th of every month, currently on the Overflow server.
Ass day used to be a day where the rules against grief were disabled, giving everyone a free pass to do just about whatever they wanted. You could kill whomever you wanted, metacommunicate however you pleased, track down people who sent mentorhelps and murder them, things like that.

It was great for a few months, but then the appeal of 10 minute rounds where you'd be csabered the moment you spawned into arrivals kinda wore off, and now its been replaced with Ass Jam.

Ass Jam has all the rules still fully in effect, which means no griefing without being an antagonist. Instead, it has a bunch of funky features created by the community, such as late-spawn syndicate agents and an armory full of Tommy guns.
#4 has everything you need to know about what to do and what not to do, along with a buncha the changes that occur on assday

Thanks guys! Sounds like a cool event big grin

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