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PinkPuffBall81's HoS Application
Character Name: Flap Jackson
BYOND Username: PinkPuffBall81
Discord Username: PeckNeck #4442
Goon Servers: Currently 3 and 4, until the tide dies down.

Application reason: I enjoy playing Sec, I hope to make the station a less crime-filled place. i also would like to teach other players, but i was too nervous to apply for mentor. that's basically it.

Sec Experience:
I've been playing SS13 for about 4-5 months now, and i have quite enjoyed it. before i started SS13, i studied the game for one year or so. one of the first jobs i picked up on is security officer. it was about the sixth job i played when i started SS13. i wasn't the best, but i quite enjoyed it. so about a week or so ago, i wanted to apply for Head Of Security, so i could assist newer sec players, and help the station in times of need. i want to be the hero that the station needs!

i for one admit that i'm not very robust, but i feel like i am better in the aspects of organizing the departments and interacting with my team of sec officers. i may not be able to do it very easily, but i can help get the team together in any way i can. sec is more powerful when they work together. even as an antagonist, i cannot help but respect a good team of security officers and their team coordination. this may be due to me being a pretty bad antagonist, even when i try to be stealthy. i try to update fellow officers on station happenings whenever i can, and i believe that HoS would help with that, with the extra access and radio channels, and such.

I only resort to force against criminals when it's required, such as them attacking fellow officers, attempting to obstruct THE LAW, and such other situations. i prefer to negotiate with criminals, before i decide what to do to them. cooperation usually makes  me reduce the time on their brig timer, or sometimes, just release the suspect altogether. to help with this, whenever i play sec, i usually have the guide to space law open in my browser.

Advice for other Sec officers:
My main message to other officers is; DON'T POWERTRIP. i'm sick of officers abusing their power over the station, beating innocent crewmembers senseless with their batons. a bad example of sec is when i played chaplain and i attempted to sacrifice a monkey to the flockmind. (don't question it.) instead of seeing a botanist assault a mime with a chainsaw across the hallway, they beat me and left me in crit for "attempted sacrifice". if it weren't for the mechanic, i would've bled out and died. DON'T BE A JERK.

To close the thread, a poem:
Protect and serve, Uphold the law.
There's no point in running, you think you'll escape?
to that thought, i guffaw.
Don't try to bribe me, you unintelligent ape.
the four words i utter, leave your mouth agape:
I can't wrap my head around why, but Flap Jackson is a name that sticks out to me, iunno. I've seen 'em around on main overflow as sec a few times and they weren't shitsec or anything like that, and I think their app is pretty alright, so +1 from me.
Good egg, I've had good experiences playing with them. Ideally, a slightly higher playtime would be nice but stuff like that can always come from expirence from playing HoS.
Flap Jackson has been an excellent officer from what I have seen, and has an excellent application to go with the excellent interactions I have had with them.

No... God no... awful, just awful.

Wait this isn't a review thread for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

Flapjack for HoS you say?

Oh yeah Flapjack would make a good HoS. Their application alone would sell it, cause it reads like the handbook for being a good HoS. Yes from me.
i havent played with you much, but you seemed like a Cool Sec :tm: and your application seems really nice! +1 from me

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