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Complaint banned for RP bombing
My friend was banned for RP'ing a ransom bombing. he was banned for fail role play even though he messaged the whole station that he wanted 100,000 or the station will be bombed. in Mrfishsticks appeal declination he stats "There does exist a realm in which bombing the station as an RP antagonist is justified, even in something like your station hostage narrative." i feel like it is not the players fault, as he tried RP'ing and was still banned for fail RP in Mrfishsticks reply he admits that billy RP'ed it. so why is he banned? the rules where not broke other then the fun rule witch is not a clear rule as everyone's version of fun it different. if there is not a realm in which bombing a station as an RP antagonist is justified then remove macro and mico bombs along with ttv, and canister bombs as it is not justified to use them. and lastly we have put a ton of time into your server just to be perma banned like we didn't even have  2hrs in it. it is almost like you want the server to die be perma banning anyone that you don't like or breaks the rules slightly. in a game that only has a 1000-2000 players on at a given time perma bans and treating your player base like they are trash humans is not what u want to do as it will turn them away from the game and they will not want to recommend it to anyone of there friends do to the experience they received. and this is where i am going to be brutally honest for a second, some of you admins need to get off your high horse and pull your head out your ass and see that you can't just be a dick to the players that keep your server alive. they are the life blood of the server and you should see there efforts and help them understand the rule if they dont get it not just perma ban them because they misunderstood a loosely written law. Now on the other side i have had great times with mentors and some admins so i know you are not all badmins but to the ones that are i know that everyone sees you and i hope you start respecting your players more especially when they have hundreds of hours on your server. i am billy larsons IRL best friend and i will stand by him until the end. you have a great server and setup but i will go where he goes. i am sorry to anyone that will miss my blue haired fiery character (Jaydon Roberts) but i will not return if Billy Larson dose not.
Not involved with the ban, following are personal opinions/observations from reading relevant round logs:
Having looked into it, the ban only applies on the roleplay server.

Trying to blow up the station is, unless executed well by a clever player with prior planning and forethought, is neither engaging for other players nor creative. Moreso doing it almost every opportunity.

The rules are sometimes loosened for people who can make interesting scenarios using dangerous tools, but in this case reading through the logs, with this of course being personal opinion, as roleplaying is a subjective topic, the roleplay felt moreso being used as an excuse to be able to bomb the station (which as could be assumed in this context, did indeed happen rather than them just being used as a threat), rather than to try making a compelling scenario. Antagonists on the roleplay server are compelled to make the round more interesting for the other players, where deleting and gibbing most of it does most often not accomplish such.

That kind of behavior is better suited on the non-roleplay server, where antagonists don't have any obligations, with the ban only targetting access to the roleplay server.

This also appears to have been at least a third documented case (as well as one previous ban) of bombing the rp server station to bits.

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