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Complaint admin Warcrimes
I have a friend who wanted to try the game. He downloads the game, creates an account, and immediately get's perma-banned for "spamming bruh" which he couldn't have because he wasn't even in the server by the time he was banned. I get that mistakes happen, and so did he, so he made an account for the forums, and created a ban appeal, using the proper methods. After he created his ban appeal, Warcrimes responded with "Denied. You can re-appeal, with your main account Crawfish Craig, in 1 calendar month. Next time, don't try to lie about it." He did not try to discus with my friend to try to find out whether he was actually in the wrong, Nor did he explain why he thought my friend was guilty. He instead, sticks firmly to the fact that my friend is guilty, and that "he knows what he did". The sort of guilty before proven innocent attitude, but he also didn't try to see the evidence my friend had, that he indeed, just found interest, and indeed just downloaded the launcher, and created an account. I believe that this behavior is very unprofessional, and very unbefitting of an admin.
Mistaken identity resolved elsewhere.

Leaving this thread up for transparency, please.

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