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mop#5337 ban appeal
My Discord Username: mop#5337
Date and time of the ban: 8/29/2020
Who banned me: Enakai, most likely

Message given in the kick, if present: No message is shown because Discord is just That Good, but I think I can safely guess why. I also never received any warning or message before being obliterated.

Summary of events leading up to the ban: I was in the cool-zone channel because I clicked it by mistake and stayed in there because I'm an easily distracted gremlin with no self control. I was mainly just saying some stupid shit as usual and said some rude things mainly as a joke, hoping it'd come across as non-serious to everyone else. Enakai came in telling everyone to calm down to which I replied by calling him a "dark souls boss name ass", which was uncalled for to be fair. This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back, as I came back from getting out of bed to take my medication to see Gooncord gone from my server list. No warning, no message, nothing. I've had a fairly rough history of being rude and aggressive towards people, doing stuff that's generally uncalled for, and having little self control at times. It's been like this long before joining Goon and I've been fighting these bad habits for a while now.

Why I should be unbanned: I understand that at times I go overboard and start being more aggressive than is necessary, to say the least. That being said, I've been trying to change for a long time and still am. I recognize that I should still be held accountable for these mistakes, however. I'm not perfect but I still try to control myself when talking to people, though every now and then I slip up and suddenly find myself calling people stupid shit for half an hour before finding myself in the lets-talk channel and finally sobering up. Sometimes it's unprovoked, other times I'd say it was provocation, though most likely unintentional. I'm not saying it's not entirely on me, though. I do recognize that my awful behavior has been 100% on me and as I said earlier, I'm still trying to fix it, even if I do slip up here and there.

And to anyone I may have hurt on the Discord, I am sorry, truly. I never like to hurt people (who don't deserve it anyways), and none of you deserved to have been hurt.
Hello, Mop. What you were banned for was not what you said to me - while it was sassy, I didn't care for it. The problem was your prior message.

[Image: CnsNtz2.png]

Which you then follow with

[Image: Og0n2HP.png]

This behaviour isn't acceptable, especially considering we've warned you dozens of times regarding being overly aggressive towards other people on discord and insulting them. You've been pulled into Let's Talk on 4 separate occasions, the latest one being on the 19th. For the exact same thing. Insulting other people.

This is why there was "no warning" on the ban. It's reached a point where you have a very crucial decision to make - Clean up your act, or we won't have you around at all. Do you understand where I'm coming from?
Understood. I'll try and think more about what I say on Discord from now on and put more energy into improving my behavior.
You've been unbanned. Let me know if you can't rejoin.

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