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The ability to build a Casino Roulette Table
this needs added.
Why is it only this post the bots decide to post on (probably because its about gambling)
I mean, sure, it's annoying that bots necro threads just because their flimsy silicon minds caught a whiff of gambling....

...but having craftable roulette tables isn't a bad idea, either. So I'm ambivalent. Maybe give QM a "gambling crate" they could order with frames for slot machines, roulette tables, russian revolvers, and the like.  That might be easier to implement.
It's kinda funny, since only one station had a roulette table on board... MANTA and that one has been POOFED out of existance.

Does the mining map casino have them? If so thats the only other place...
If not.. at the moment they are MIA.
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Implement this idea and lock this thread PLEASE
This one isnt even linking anything its just promoting the concept of online casinos
Closing this because this thread brings an annoying amount of spam bots. If someone wants to PR this, go ahead.

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